How to wear cufflinks


Buying cufflinks can be as personal as buying jewellery as they can be made from precious metals like platinum and gold to everyday metals such as stainless steel and sterling silver and can be embedded with precious stones, mother of pearl or enamel, to add colour. Not limited to metals, there are also glass and ‘the cheaper but less durable, but great for everyday use’ silk.


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What are cufflinks

Cufflinks are the small but essential accessories that are used to secure the buttonless button-holed cuffs of dress shirts. Although cufflinks are mainly associated with men’s formal wear, they are versatile enough to wear with casual shirts and also chic enough for women who want to add an edge to their smart outfits.


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When to wear cufflinks

The according to etiquette, the appropriate times to wear cufflinks are for formal and semi-formal looks, but as mentioned earlier, they can also be paired with some casual looking shirts. This being said, if you have a wedding to attend or a formal meeting where you have to wear a suit and tie but want to add an accent to your overall look, theses are the perfect occasions to wear cufflinks. On the other hand, if you have an outing or just want to lounge, cufflinks can add an edge of flair to your outfit.


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How to put on cufflinks

It will be tragic if we didn’t touch on how to wear cufflinks. This is actually the most essential information as we don’t want to spend hours fiddling around with our cufflinks all in an attempt get it into those small ‘easy looking’ holes on the cuffs at our wrists.

1. Prep the cuffs of your shirt by properly folding and aligning the holes for a smooth and secure entrance of the cufflinks.

2. Attach your cufflinks. We do understand that there are different styles of cufflinks, such as studs, the bullet back, whaleback, the ball return and chain cufflinks. When attaching a pair of reversible cufflinks like silk knot cufflinks with two identical heads, fit the entire back head on the top cuff using your thumb and forefinger. Once it is installed, lift the bottom towards the top cuff while pushing the bottom head through the eyelet. For bullet and whale back styles, make sure that the closures of your cufflinks are opened and aligned with each other and pass the through both two or four in case of a double cuffed shirt, eyelets and clasp cufflink into place. Remember that the face of your cufflinks should always face outwards.


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Additional tips 

You do not have to be a sartorial guru to understand how cufflinks work and when to wear them, but there are some things if, just in case you get carried away, should and should not be done.

– It is essential that the faces of your cufflinks are pointing outwards and do ensure that they are appropriately fastened, that way, they do not fall out before the end of the day

– As cufflinks portrait your personal style, invest in more than a pair.  Rather than owning just one pair, build your personal collection of cufflinks and show off your style and personality.

– Matching metals, which include your watch and your belt buckle is the perfect way to have a refined look. Do not pair your favourite silver cufflinks with your gold belt buckle.

– For formal and semi-formal looks, avoid funky or bright novelty cufflinks like the plague! Keep your cufflinks toned and understated.

– For an added personal touch, engraved or monogrammed cufflinks are very stylish. You can go as far as engraving your family crest on them but try not to exaggerate.

-Large or chunky gold and silver are not how to wear cufflinks. Try to avoid them at all cost


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More tips

– Keep in mind that coloured acrylic cufflinks go with coloured chinos while silver and semi-precious stone cufflinks are better suited for formal looks.

– Off course, your overall look is the priority.  Do make sure that you are dressed impeccably. Make sure that your pants and shirt are well fitted, and your shoes polished.

– Cufflinks add accent to your overall look, and if you are not well put together, they look out of place.

– Invest in a style you like. It is pointless to buy cufflinks if you don’t wear them because they do not really appeal to you