How to wear mini dresses stylishly in every occasion


We have already written plenty on how to wear that little black dress, but what if we were to give you some of the latest looks built on mini dresses? If you think mini dresses are only a clubbing uniform, or something you should limit to unrestrained night behaviours, we are about to change your mind and convert you to wearing mini dresses as you would wear jeans, even every day.

What’s in: patterned mini dresses

Amongst this summer’s top travel suggestions we have put together a delightful list of music festivals you should be checking out before booking your next beachside holiday. But what would you wear? You will be in need of something funk, cute and comfy to sport daytime: this psychedelic patterned mini dress has them all, what you need is to dress it up or down with the right footwear.


Ruffle up the mini dress

Mini dresses should be captivating enough without being obviously sexy: the ruffle detail on this denim mini dress adds that detail able to distract the eye. Wear it with a logo t-shirt underneath for the ultimate urban effect or match it with super hot high heels, better if in the shape of strap sandals with chunky socks, how about that to make a statement?

Spring new romantic mini dress

How to take something extremely sexy and revealing to the ultimate chic, sophisticated and feminine effect? Choose a pattern that screams something out loud, like this one – which seems to have been cut out of a Japanese garden during blossom season. The turtle neck detail with ruffles on the sleeves is the best way to keep this mini dress less country and more romantic: you can match it with squared heel ankle boots for work and even combat boots if you want to dare exploring the contrast territory.

Mini dress in sequins

Now, the quintessence of mini dresses, besides the little black dress, has been crowned the sequin dress in and out of fall winter this 2017/2018. As for tartan, ruffles, paisley prints, sequins are a fashion element we have seen undergoing a total modernisation: these maxi sequins are the playful element over a sheer effect black mini dress to keep your outfit utterly fresh and unseen. The unseen people would like to see more.

Silk mini dress with denim jacket

Take something hosing sex appeal and glamour from all fibres like a silk mini dress sported here in green, but we’d like you to go for a red mini dress for ultimate glamour, and match it with a destroyed effect denim jacket. Sneakers on your feet, this is you looking sexy without even showing it was your intention.


Clubbing mini dresses

If you want a clubbing short dress to dream of, go for a white sequin mini dress which play with contrasting volumes of the skirt and the top. It’s girly and sophisticated, you will only need a splash of make up and messy hair to add a rock n roll edge to the look.

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