How to wear suspenders


You know those lovely looking leather or fabric straps that are worn over the shoulders to hold up trousers and in some cases, skirts? Those are called suspenders; or braces, as fondly named by the Brits.
Then, have you ever imagined or spotted a classy looking lady wearing suspenders with a skirt and heels or a well-put-together young man, wearing a pair of chinos, a white tee, and a pair of good shoes, but his suspenders give his overall look a classy, but edgy feel? Chances are that we have spotted a couple of people who wear suspenders with their outfits while totally slaying the look.

If you are wondering if suspenders are in style, yes they are; and will always be. Just like belts and ties, a pair of suspenders is a classic must-have piece for every wardrobe.
This being said, we are delighted to share with you ways for men and women to wear suspenders and tips on how to confidently nail the look while wearing your suspenders.

Get ready to be officially suspended in the world of suspenders!

The art of how to wear suspenders for women

Business casual outfits

Suspenders are a pleasant addition to tailored skirts and pants, and the overall look is dapper and sophisticated. It gives you the ‘I’m here to work now and I mean business, but I will definitely be catching up for drinks with the girls later’ look.
As suspenders are originally meant to hold up pants, please ditch the belt as it belongs nowhere on your outfit. Muted colour toned suspenders are advisable with the business casual look.


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Suspenders with loose or baggy jeans

When pairing your suspenders with a pair of loose fitting jeans, choose from baggy, boyfriend and mom jeans to give you the perfect lounge look. You can wear this combination with literally anything: tee shirts, dress shirts, sweaters and a pair of flat shoes. If you prefer to opt for heels, cuffing your jeans will give your outfit an uber chic look


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The high waist outfit with suspenders

High-waisted skirts, pants and shorts are already very feminine and undertone sexy, so, throwing in a pair of suspenders adds emphasis to your high-waisted outfit. If you are not ready to invest in a good pair of suspenders but really like the look, you can always shop for high waist clothing that comes with their own sewn-in suspenders.


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Additional Tips


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– When buying your suspenders, you can choose between clip-on suspenders or buttoned suspenders. Buttoned suspenders are directly attached to special buttons sewn into your pants or skirt and have a more formal look.
– There is also the option of x-back and y-back suspenders. Both are very classy and you can choose based on your personal preference as well as fit.
– Skinny width suspenders have a more delicate look and are perfect for women. For androgynous inclined looks, a pair of suspenders with wider width will suffice.
– When aiming at a chic formal look, suspenders in muted colours are preferable, while prints, patterns and vibrant colours are perfect for stylish or casual looks.
– Coordinate the colours or print of your suspenders with your outfit. The perfect balance will give you an overall polished look

The art of how to wear suspenders for men

The businessman

If you are wondering if suspenders are professional, then the answer is how more stylishly formal does it get than pairing your work attire with suspenders? To own this look, try coordinating classic tones like black, blue and brown with your shoes. This is also a good look for formal events and weddings.


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Wearing suspenders every other way

So, if your outfit is not formal, then it definitely falls in the ‘every other way’ category. From a pair of jeans to pants or shorts, to shirts, sweaters, or tee shirts. Knock yourself out! And if the question ‘do you wear a belt with suspenders?’ comes to mind, DO NOT use a belt with your suspenders, and most importantly, DO NOT leave your shirt at home!


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Additional Tips


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– Toss the superstition that suspenders cause neck or back pain out the window! Get fitted or know your size before getting a pair of suspenders. Just like belts, suspenders come in sizes to ensure a proper fit.
– When attending formal events or whenever you think of wearing suspenders with a tux, button-on suspenders, in black grey or white are advisable.
– Do not be afraid to try bright colours or patterns, and remember less is more, so, balance is key.
– Suspenders for casual outfits usually are a bit skinnier than formal wear suspenders
– For a vintage look, you can accessorise your suspenders outfit with a hat. Fedoras, Panamas, ascot and newsboy style hats complement the vintage style suspender outfit.
– If you are not wearing clip-on suspenders with your pair of jeans, retrofit brace buttons to your jeans in order to attach your buttoned suspenders