International women’s day: women to be inspired by in 2019


An average of 137 women across the world are killed by a partner or family member every day.

– data released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

A shocking number we can’t fail to mention on International Women’s Day. And if on one side organisations such as MeToo are proving plenty of women out there with the right support in seeking help or simply the courage to put an end to any toxic relationships, in 2019 we still need to remember what all the revolutionary women out there have been standing for in different eras, fighting for equal rights, demonstrating to be considered men’s equals. 2019’s theme of International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter. And this is its motto:

Building a gender balanced world

The race is on for the gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balance of employees, more gender-balance in wealth, gender-balanced sports coverage …

D360’s way to celebrate and contribute to a better balanced world is by the women who in the last year or so were able to conquer a lot, for all the women out there.


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Serena Williams

A sports icon, a real fighter, an athlete, a mum and then an athlete again, Serena Williams has turned tennis to her stage, and she can really send out powerful messages. One of her most striking moments was her Wakanda inspired black suit, an ode to the movie Black Panther and to all the mums who have had tough recovery after giving birth –  a suit she is no longer allowed to wear during tournaments. She wore as a symbol of ‘an opportunity to inspire a whole different group of amazing women and kids’.


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Meghan Markle

The former actress had one of the most feminist moments of 2019, as she walked BY HERSELF into that fully packed church, aware the whole world was watching her. Meghan Markle is one woman who is changing the rules, and for that, hats off to her, as unfortunately there’s always somebody out there from the press or social media ready to pick up on some apparently culturally inappropriate behaviour – take the baby shower that was recently organised for her in the States.


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Lindsey Vonn

Leaving professional skiing in 2019, Lindsey Vonn is one of the strongest women out there, a role model for her sporting achievements, her endurance to never give up to pain, being able to get back out there and fight against herself and time — at freaking ridiculous speed. She is the one woman who’s allowing us thinking of men and women competing together, against each other.


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Ruth Carter

In an edition of the Oscars that celebrated inclusivity, costume designer Ruth Carter is the woman to be inspired by as she, together with other black professionals in the cinema and television industry, is rising awareness on how certain jobs and careers are not for grabs for just anyone. She became the first black winner in this category for her work with Marvel movie Black Panther.

It’s been a long time coming.

Carter stated as she collected her award.


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Millie Bobby Brown

Stranger Things actress is one woman to be inspired by and we, amongst the other 18.3 million (Instagram followers) have been looking at for some inspiration lately. Millie Bobby Brown has just turned 15 and yet has already had to face all types of criticism, from wearing the wrong clothes to having way too older friends (Drake). Compare her to the average teenager and … need we say more?


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Michelle Obama

In 2018 we have all Become a little bit more Michelle Obama and thanks to her mottos of ‘keeping to your truth’ all women should be encouraged in finding the confidence and strength to live their lives for what they want them to be. For Women’s History Month the former first lady has been meeting groups of different women and on her recent encounter with the young ladies of Whitney M. Young Magnet School she posted :

It probably goes without saying, but I see a lot of myself in these smiles. And I can’t wait to see what they become.


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And just in case you’ve missed it, here’s one inspirational video of what ‘crazy’ things women can do.