Is Melania Trump being fashion sabotaged?


We have all seen by now that shot of the First Lady wearing yet again an outfit that made us all think: is she for real? We’ll try and solve Melania Trump’s mystery behind the motifs that pushed her to wear what she wore on her visit to Kenya.

Yes, what did she wear?Melania Trump chose to wear to a visit to an ivory orphanage for elephants as well as children’s orphanage, an outfit that has a cultural meaning that is probably more striking than the first lady paying a visit to these places itself.

To hop on and off-road vehicle on a safari she wore a pith helmet: the headgear symbol of British colonial rule, an era that a first lady should have not celebrated in any possible way.


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It isn’t the first time Melania Trump breaks the Internet with her outfits – at least it isn’t something she says she wants to do like her husband often tweets: it wasn’t long ago when she wore a jacket that read “I really don’t care. Do U?” on her visit to an immigrant children’s shelter near the border. Never mind the fact the jacket was actually a Zara jacket, symbol of fast fashion or not, the point is, it was not really necessary as in a style point of view, where a designer asked Melania to wear it as a favour.


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If that parka jacket screamed ‘zero tolerance’ what is this colonial hat screaming?

We don’t want and maybe wish not to investigate, but what these two outfits have triggered is truly sensational: never mind what Melania Trump does or doesn’t  say, it’s her outfits that are going to ‘move’ likes and share on the internet.

The ensemble she wore in Egypt had social media users comparing her to the nazi archaeologist against Indiana Jones.


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Of course we have all asked and keep asking the following question: does she know she’s doing this? If so, why is she doing it then?

We really want to give her the benefit of the doubt and let her get away with dressing unconsciously inappropriate. Yes, there’s something we’d like to unearth that might give us all a reasonable explanation to this Last Trollop (opposed to First Lady) choice of image. Melania, like many celebrities and First ladies before her does actually have a stylist who supposedly puts together her outfits and advices the most looked at woman in the world for fashion choices.

The man behind Melania epic fails has got a name: Hervé Pierre.


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Name a fashion brand chiefed by a non-american american and he has worked there. 14 years spent at Carolina Herrera, a Venezuelan designer who moved to NY in 1980. Now, we know it might be a long stretch and that Hervé Pierre also stated he had never seen that Zara jacket before, but we have a theory. One in which he’s intentionally derailing his client, Melania Trump, into committing fashion fails, or better political fails in her case.

What if after 14 years spent as creative director of a brand that brings greatness to America from a different cultural heritage, Melania Trump’s Stylist was secretly sending her to be butchered on social media in that colonial outfit?

Pierre is not a newbie in dressing women who have to represent a political image: his ex-models were Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Does any bell ring yet?

We have found this as a possible explanation to her missteps.

Or, we could be utterly wrong and brightness is not one of Melania Trump’s best qualities.