Is there a future to beauty contests?


From Miss Universe to Miss America, the world of beauty pageants seems headed to the a diametral opposite direction to where feminism and women empowering in general are headed. So the question is, will the long lived tradition of these beauty contests be enough of a good reason to ignore/avoid listening to the mottos of thousands of women out there?


If the idea of beauty has changed from picture perfect to self acceptance, how come in 2018 these events still have a breath of life?

We are not the ones trying to kick off a huge debate on beauty contests, as in fact what goes behind the scenes during this event became public scandal in 2014, when Miss America was disgraced after internal correspondence unveiled things as bad as fat and slut-shaming.

This is how Miss America’s CEO Sam Haskell did it with just one email to the lead writer, Lewis Friedman:

I have decided that when referring to a woman who was once Miss America, we are no longer going to call them Forever Miss Americas….please change all script copy to reflect that they are Former Miss Americas!

Friedman replied:

I’d already changed “Forevers” to “Cunts.” Does that work for you?

Haskell’s then replied:


We are sure you have probably heard similar ‘jokes’ in your professional career and did not make it a global scandal. But sure, this bounter between the two surely worked well in favour of those anti-beauty pageants.

Has Miss America ever done anything for women?

The answer is yes: 1968 was the year in which  black women were included, after Pepsi pulled out its sponsorship due to the ‘irrelevance to the generation it targeted. Yet again, that was then, 1968. Feminism and protests where everyday news.

But isn’t that the same now? #MeToo is all about defending and hearing all the voices of women who are discriminated and abused because of their gender. It does sound anachronistic that the same digital world would help an event where women rely on their body and appearance to make it in life, which is exactly everything feminism is against.

Then this: it wasn’t up until 2016 that Miss America had the first  lesbian woman becoming a winner, only one year after same sex marriage was made legal. Did this mean lesbian women did not even try and become contenders before 2016?

But listen to this: Miss America is trying to trick us all. Trying to convince us that abolishing the famous catwalk in swimsuits this year, it will get the right attention from those who claim these events are all but women empowering.

We are not going to judge you on your outward appearance

Ms. Carlson, who was Miss America in 1989, said on ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

We are moving it forward and evolving it in this cultural revolution

Isn’t that what a University Degree kind of does? Isn’t that what working in a competitive professional environment pushes women, of all ages, mothers and childless talents, to go for more?

In fact, we almost left you dry with this very important piece of information: Miss America is the one ‘institution’ offering the highest scholarships in the States? Low income women are simply asked to abide by the rules of beauty – not how we now intend it now – and to make in life, accept it.  And this might be simply why Miss America all together hasn’t shut down yet, considering its TV results plunged that much that for a while it was only aired on normal cable (made it back on ABC only recently).

Oh, and shall we mention that Miss Universe, probably the only other major beauty pageant in the world, was only owned by Donald Trump? Yes, the real one, the campaigner for women empowerment, the campaign that happened with outrageous tweets that found common grounds on sexism.

He only dismissed Women’s March in such a naive way that any woman with a little bit of self respect should try other ways of funding their studies.