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Jaden&Will Smith: where does the cool stop?


The acting: from the Fresh Prince to the latest Netflix original Bright, Will Smith is one actor in Hollywood who kept his cool on throughout a sensational career. If you think of him, it’s fun you’re hit with. No dark side, no quirkiness. Sheer not-cocky-but-intimidating self-confidence, one he has used to appear in ‘not to laugh about’ movies too, such as I Am Legend and Ali. One that has made Will Smith ‘the most bankable star worldwide’.


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From Bad Boys to Men in Black, to landing centre character in Suicide Squad, Will Smith is action movies where acting is involved. And he had zero acting training, as in the first shootings of the Fresh Prince you could catch him moving his lips on the lines of other actors, as he recently admitted on the Graham Norton Show. But you know what? The man can throw sick bars too, or at least it is what he was more used to back in his youth.


The Philadelphia kid debuted with ‘Girls Aint Nothing But Trouble’ back in 1986, with friend DJ Jazzy Jeff: if you watched it now for the first time, you’d might think this would be Will Smith in a parody video about contemporary rap. No, it ain’t, back then, Will Smith came as the a Breathe of Fresh Air in a gangsta rap dominated scene, political rap, angry beats and intricate social implications the genre wanted to be identified with.

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Rapping, acting, an ambassador of emancipation, never mind self-confidence: Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s second of three, is the contemporary alias of his father. Not even that, as Will Smith is far from being ‘past’. 20 years old in 2018, he’s already as Fresh as dad came across back in his duetting days: the 2017 album ‘Syre’ is his debut one, featuring the single ‘Icon’. At 20, he’s already doing things Icons do.

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Acting, then rapping: the only difference between the Smiths’ career path. Is Jaden stealing the show? Maybe a little when he debuted next to daddy in the acclaimed ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’, where he had his major break as an actor, and maybe a little more in post-apocalyptic movie After Earth. Under the belt Jaden has nothing less than a role than Jackie Chan 2010 in The Karate Kid and in To Get Down Netflix show in 2017, the conclusion is easy to be drawn. Hollywood and Billboard will be running alongside in Jaden’s promising career.


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Records to be broken: who wins it?

In case you haven’t seen it already, in case it hasn’t already popped up in any of your social media feeds, you really should watch this video where daddy Smith mocks ‘icon living’ son takeing his role in his very latest video. Who do you think got the more views? And how many? We are talking millions guys: #iconliving to both!


The ‘no punishment’ method adopted in the Smith’s household is the one the Education System should be basing their policy on if the kid can stay away from dodgy stuff and trouble. This is what dad Will might consider as his biggest accomplishment as a father, when you are a Hollywood father that is. How does he do it? ‘Is this what you really want to do in life’ is the question you’d be asked if you had been up to some naughty. Ask yourself this now. It’s working already.


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Millennial psychotic rapping are the words used to describe Jaden Smiths’ rapping, and he’s quite pleased about the unconventional definition. His music and public image is far from the commercial side of ‘featuring’ collaborations dictating who is in and out of the scene: his statement is to be transgressive, not because of crazy night outs where daddy splashes his dough to get him out of trouble. Doing things his way, with or without Bible inspired lyrics.