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Johnny&Lily Rose Depp: quirky is the new glamour


From a teens’ idol with 21 Jump Street to Edward Scissorhands and duetting for life with Tim Burton: that’s daddy, ‘much more than a pretty face’, the quintessence of quirkiness, the most paid actor in Hollywood in 2010 for all the good reasons. Undisputed talent and a sense of natural ambiguity that is.

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Music started his journey off, when he was putting together some notes as front guitarist with ‘the kids’. But rock never ended up to be his call. He was destined to meet Nicholas Cage and from there many roles came up in which though he was misrepresented: the boy has a dark side, a beautiful one though, one in which director Tim Burton saw his muse. In a TV interview at the Jonathan Ross Show he stated one of the coolest motto for a Hollywood actor ever heard: ‘I didn’t want to become anyone’s product’. And that is the clue to really understand a character such as Johnny Depp.

Unconventional weirdness, an outcast in his own territory, mystery and a lot of fantasy: Johnny Depp’s career in a nutshell. There are sex symbols, then there is Johnny Depp: a handsome man that women can’t have not because of his stellar notoriety, but because his mind seems captured by more fantastic and obscure things and creature rather than looking at pretty girls.

Who wouldn’t want a daddy like that? Nothing is too serious, everything is real?

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3.3 million Instagram followers. That’s her, Lily Rose Depp: she got that je ne sais quoi that only French women seem to have from her mum, singer Vanessa Paradis. Chic meets rebel. Class 1999, she’s a muse too and Karl Lagerfeld wanted her as the new face of Chanel number 5. She’s 18 and she’s a teen idol.

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She’s 18 and for now she is an extremely pretty face: her Instagram snaps are freakishly representing the idiosyncrasy of the world she lives in. Out of focus snaps of Lily celebrating some her friends’ birthday, her teen life as star through the photos of messy hair and dark shades on some road trip: a spontaneous girl, some swear swords and there you have it. She’s an Instagram hit. But that isn’t all.

Like father, like daughter: she’s got daddy’s chameleon trait. She can give personality to a regal gown, but she can also be queen of sassiness with her rock star makeup – that some followers interpret as her dad hideous look when playing the Mad Hatter. She says ‘Instagram is my only form of social media’ and she is doing it right: despite being an international model, she’s keeping it really real and what could seem like one of those media-expert-made profile, actually reveals to be a way for followers to see inside her life, to be amongst her friends, nothing fake, nothing lame.

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For somebody who doesn’t even watch himself back, and rather walk away with just the experience of making some of the best movies ever made for children yet appealing to adults for their puzzling personalities, for a Willy Wonka, a Jack Sparrow, a Sweeney Todd and other unforgettable characters, what kind of successor could you have imagined? If it had to be someone in fashion, it couldn’t be in any other way than what Lily’s doing. Would she ever follow her father’s footsteps and eschew fashion for movie sets? She is already doing that, and she’s going all out next to Natalie Portman with 2017 Planetarium: they possess the supernatural ability to speak with ghosts. How glamourous (!) How little of Edward saying ‘I’m not complete’(!).