King Princess: being open about my queer identity is a way to make art send a message again

18.03.2019 | By PAOLO BOCCHI

Artist, musician, singer: and not only. King Princess, at just 19, has carved out, thanks to her attitude, a very important role in the demolition of the now obsolete concept of “gender”; here’s King Princess.

The ancient “gender” has burned, evaporated, vanished.
We must turn the page. We must listen to King Princess, who has in her “nick” a definition of intent:
is a.k.a. “strange”, King Princess, oxymoron, contraposition, reflecting mirror, “gender” game.
King Princess sings.
She sings like this: “I hate it when dudes try to chase me, but I love it when you try to save me, ‘cause I am just a lady”, in the opening of her hit, “1950”, 13 million “play” single, which has not yet finished its run; a single whose opening phrase was “quoted” by Harry Styles on Twitter, and shouted out loud by Kourtney Kardashian on her Instagram profile.
“1950” is a song that Mikaela Straus, also known as King Princess, wrote almost two years ago, right after getting out of the shower, recorded it immediately, and found the final form, the one that everyone can listen to today, just a couple of days later.
Moreover, for King Princess, the process of recording music is a job she knows very well, from her childhood. Her father had a recording studio in Brooklyn, the Mission Studio. And that studio was the house, the nest, the refuge of the rising star King Princess, who loved to play and have fun with vintage amplifiers and various instruments.
Perhaps her passion for a “craftsman” of sound like Jack White, skilled builder and instrument player, came from that moment of her life, from which, especially in the video of “1950”, King Princess seems also to have drawn her “image”.

Un post condiviso da lil kp (@kingprincess69) in data:

In her DNA, in addition to Jack White, there are Led Zeppelin and T. Rex, as well as a lot of punk and angry stuff she listened to in her New York years.
Two years ago, the turning point, the change “has a cost”: from the big apple to Los Angeles.
And the explosion, not just musical.
“1950” is a piece inspired by the book written in 1952 by Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt;
it is a book that speaks of the difficult love between Therese, a young set designer employed in a department store, and Carol, a beautiful tall blond woman of high class, about to divorce her husband.
The whole of this “everything” inherent in “1950” made King Princess, just 19, in a flash, “a gay role model for her young fans”
King Princess is both frightened and happy with this responsibility.
But nothing will stop her.
In fact, a new EP is coming soon, made up of “pure intelligent queer pop!”
King Princess Power!