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Law of Attraction: can the universe really deliver whatever it is you want?

10.10.2018 | By LISA HARTLE

Every Monday night, tucked under the pavements of Covent Garden, a group of Law of Attraction practitioners gather for two hours to learn how to connect with the universe, share their desires and hopefully to manifest them.

There have been many books written about this spiritual practice including best-sellers ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Alchemist’. A host of celebrities say they too live by the Law of Attraction. Oprah Winfrey says it was Law of Attraction that was responsible for her first acting role in the Spielberg film The Colour Purple. UFC champion Conor McGregor, regularly details in interviews how a fight will play out, prior to stepping into the ring – something that has baffled journalists for years.

“Law of Attraction is life reflecting how you feel about yourself, you attract what you are, not what you want,” he tells me. In each of his classes he gives people the tools they can use to learn how to love themselves and their life, then (and only then) the universe will deliver what it is they are looking for; love, career, money…anything.

So how do you ‘place your order with the universe? Well, you tune into another realm or “your trueself”….stay with me it does get a little clearer.

So how do you tune into your true-self and what is it?Michael uses children as the perfect example of being in tune with their true-selves:

“When you see children there’s a light around them, there’s pure joy, pure being in the moment and that is kind of pre-thought. So the way I see it we are all born enlightened, born perfect and that is our true self. The real-self is not thinking. It’s an energy, it’s who we are. Most of our problems are our own thoughts we can’t deal with, that we then project outwards.”

To tune into the other realm where your desires are just waiting for you Michael has various methods he teaches, one of which is meditation.

He says meditation is simpler than people may think:

“All it is, is finding a focal point that doesn’t get you thinking, so it could be focusing on yourbreathing, the sound of a fan, it could be saying a mantra repeatedly so the mind is free fromthoughts and then you get tuned into your real-self.” He says the real-self is always there beneaththe ‘mind chatter’ we all have, “just as the sun is always behind the clouds”.

Ok, so we’ve tuned into our real-self by accessing the other realm so let’s put it into practice I asked Michael how would Law of Attraction help someone attract love into their life, for example?

“The Law of Attraction says you get what you are not what you want, so if someone comes to me and says they want to attract love in many cases there’s a lack of something in them, I get them to love where they are, accept the fact that they feel unhappy or needy, accept that, that is a human quality and it’s a necessary part of the journey. I would get people to relax because sometimes if you’re in a frantic state you are like a shaken-up snow globe and can’t see anything. So I would show them certain tools to relax, because you get what you are.”

He says it’s no coincidence that some people who once they find love, then find they are receiving more advances than they did when they were single:

“People find the saying ‘you find love when you least expect it’ annoying but it’s true.”

In this practice it’s all about becoming a match to love not a match to looking for love, so how can this be done?
In the workshops each week, around 30 people on average gather, some have been coming for years, others are new faces each week. They all go through methods they can use to quieten their minds and feel good…..to become a vibrational match to what it is that they want. One of the methods, is of course meditation, which the class do together at the beginning and at the end of the class. Michael recommends this is something people do each day.
Another method is writing an ‘appreciation list’ every morning, listing things they are grateful for, these can be as simple as being thankful for the pumpkin spiced latte you had yesterday, through to the love of your family. It doesn’t matter what, so long as you are feeling the emotion of gratitudeas you do it.

Michael has seen this work for countless people but maintains that it takes commitment:

“I know someone who wrote 150 things she was grateful for each morning and her life changed incredibly, she met someone and her business took off. She said she just got into this habit of writing so many things that she appreciated that it conditioned her mind so she naturally started looking for the good”.

The other tool Michael teaches is called a ‘Universe List’.

“It’s like a prayer list to the universe” he says. If for example you have a decision to make and aren’t sure which option to choose, you might write down ‘show me the right path’, then meditate [to clear your mind] then something would happen to show me, either one option would disappear or another sign will appear. As magical as this sounds it does work”.
“Every practice I teach is about clearing the mind and relaxing the person. This list throws the thoughts that bother you on here and is like saying ‘Universe you deal with my life and I’ll deal with getting centred [tuning into your real self] through meditating and using the other tools’”.

Michael agrees this practice is simple, but it’s not easy:

“The basics of Law of Attraction and in a lot of the books out there that say believe it, feel it and it will happen are real. I don’t have a problem with what they’re saying but the question is, how do you get there because I’ve not found a book that guides them there well. It fills people with a real excitement, I’ve seen people buy some of those books thinking they’ll have a Ferrari and a penthouse by the end of the week, then when that doesn’t happen straight away they give up. The basis of it is accurate, it’s just the method that’s not very good.”

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, the tools it encourages people to use certainly enrich a persons life, gratitude is an essential practice to be aware of in order to be happy. Whether my universe list will be delivered….well I guess we will have to wait and see but if the likes of Oprah are spreading the LOA word then I’m more than happy to keep my mind open to the possibility.