Life-changing lessons you could learn from Marie Kondo


The tidying process is not about decluttering your house or making it look neat on the spur of the moment for visitors. You are about to tidy up in a way that will spark joy in your life and change it forever.

– Marie Kondo

When did it happen that tidying up became such a fashionable activity? We all have to thank Marie Kondo, who thanks to her life changing method has gained international celebrity status.

Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” tops her successes and made her tips and methods available to see and replicate mainstream.

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is a so-called organising consultant who has to her name four books on organising, which have sold million of copies and have been translated in many languages. Her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has been translated in 30 languages and probably contributed Marie Kondo being inserted in 2015 Time’s list of 100 most influential people.


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Why is Marie Kondo’s method so revolutionary?

Decluttering is something we have all tried, at list once a year and probably did inevitably failed at. According to Marie Kondo method being successful at tidying up and leveraging its benefits on the way we live our lives on a wider perspective is at looking at things to keep, those possessions that give is joy, rather than looking for things to discard.


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What are KonMari Method™ rules?

Commit yourself to tidying up

Contrary to what you think, Marie Kondo Method wants you to declutter all at once. It should be a ceremony, a special event, and something you do privately. Tidying up gradually won’t guarantee the same results as the it would be like putting patches and not getting to the bottom of it; the sense of liberation from a general decluttering will instead give you that boots to keep things that way and stay away from old habits.

Imagine your ideal lifestyle

What type of person do you want to become? How do you want to manage your time? These are just some of the questions part of the tidying up art by Marie Kondo. She wants you to visualise your ideal lifestyle and cut out from your life all the things that stop you from achieving it.

Finish discarding first

Before attempting to organize things, you have to make sure your life is free from unnecessary things. Only then you can look at how and what to use to tidy up according to Marie Kondo tips.

Tidy by category, not by location

Maire Kondo has defined the categories according to which you should be sorting out your possessions and they are not based on tidying up a specific room, as in ‘let’s start with the wardrobe’ but grouping up the same type of objects.

The categories are:


– books

– papers

– miscellaneous

– sentimental items

Follow the right order

The categories above are to be followed in order and within each category there’s another specific order to be followed, for example in the clothes category you should be going through tops ending up in bottoms.

Ask yourself if it sparks joy

How to follow the Marie Kondo’s method? How can you understand what sparks joy and what doesn’t? Well that’s a rather personal decision to make, but to make things easier you can follow Marie Kondo’s checklist (from her book Spark Joy).


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And what about Marie Kondo’s folding method?

Even if you are not into decluttering or about to adopt a minimalistic approach to life, chances that you have come across some of Marie Kondo’s tutorials on how to fold clothes are high. She suggests that folding clothes so that they stand up right is the right way forward to appreciate them more by touch and feel stimulation, plus, piles of stacked up t-shirts are neither practical or functional.

The next thing you have to do now is taking a look at your wardrobe, stare intensively as this is how it will always remain. And after that thought, you may go back to carry on with your life.