Lili Reinhart is a real-life Betty Cooper? Riverdale new season released today


The Ohio born 22-year-old has got her looks on her side, but that’s not all she’s into. There’s more about Lili Reinhart than perfect Insta photos and blonde locks. But what is this ‘more’?


Guys, if you watch any interviews with Riverdale actress who after the Riverdale season 2 has gained a global audience in the shoes of beauty and brain character Betty Cooper, you know what is it keeping you watching it.

Soothing voice. The one that gives you brain orgasms. We are not the only ones being struck by this intuition. Yes, because, let’s be frank, whatever she actually says isn’t that illuminating. On the contrary, her attempts of making a stamp as a ‘body positive’ advocate are rather poor.

Let’s call them ‘brain negative’, and we are not the only ones thinking it is easy to say ‘it’s hard at times being OK with your body’ when you look as stunning as Lili Reinhart.

Some days are harder than others to accept your body for how it is. The “ideal body” is often presented to us as looking one particular way… but that’s a concept I hope to help change. There is not one shape that’s more beautiful than another. We should be exposed to all body types in advertising and media. That’s why I have so much appreciation for Aerie and their representation of all shapes and sizes in their campaigns. 


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On the other hand, after we’ve had a look at Lili Reinhart’s Instagram and had a thought and nope, still does not scream ‘body positive’ advocate, we’d like to ask you this question.

Wouldn’t it be the right way forward if some of the world’s battles were actually fought by those people who are not directly affected by a certain issue? Think about gay pride events: it’s all of us taking part, not just the LGBTQ community. Point is, would ‘beautiful people’ advocating for ‘body positive’ ideals make a difference and finally change fashion and the way we portray ourselves?

We cannot say this was her attempt, it is an extremely long shot. But, with Riverdale being watched by so many teens around the world, it wouldn’t be such a lame thought this was true.


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A third season of a show exploring the darkness hidden behind the ‘perfect image’ of the small town Riverdale is coming out today – Netflix official release will be October 11th . Is there a real-life Betty Cooper? Yes, that’s Lili Reinhart herself. Is there a real-life Riverdale? Sort of. We have looked at where is Riverdale filmed and we found sets include a copy of the functioning diner which was made so realistic that a ‘real’ truck driver parked his 18-wheeler there.

There’s something real about Riverdale’s cast too: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are a couple in real life (although their characters do not date in the show).

But Riverdale season 3 is not going to be the only new release we will be seeing Lili Reinhart in. Amongst her movies and TV shows Reinhart will be on the big screen in Melanie Laurent upcoming Galveston, based on the novel from the creator of True Detective , it is set to be released on October 19th.