Living zero waste, a beginners guide


Are you one of those lucky men who have been put in charge of the ‘taking the trash’ out business? If so, we get your daily frustration with the amount of plastic recycling you end up packing and carrying before you turn on your fave TV series. It’s all getting kind of ridiculous: the more we spend for fancy products that come in fancy packaging, the more we end up unhappy in wasting our energies, time and money in getting rid of plastic – and not only that.


If you like us,  want out of this plastic nonsense, read our research on how to start a zero waste life

First: check your local plastic recycling policies

We take it for granted that most people with the minimum required amount of civic sense are already used to the local plastic recycling policies and do their best to stick to them. And that’s when you all found out that you do produce in your very own household a huge amount of plastic. That’s also when you realize you basically go to work, sacrifice of leisure activities hours to go to the supermarket and handpick melons and then sadly ending up spending a good 15 minutes per day with your head in a bin.


That’s about the equivalent of 3 days and a half per year.


Did we get you right up Motivation Street with that? Good, because you really need to tackle the plastic recycling business with a well thought strategy or you won’t see any benefits.

Living with zero waste starts from very simple and stress free actions:

1) Don’t buy bottled water.

We have all heard it, the oceans are quickly dying because we want to drink water out of a bottle. A zero waste life starts from drinking water out of glass: in Italy we have a very ‘old fashioned’ uomo dell’acqua, a person who owns a truck and delivers glass bottled water to your door, collecting empties of course.

2) Some zero waste living blogs suggest stopping using plastic bags.

Well, we all know most supermarkets have now switched to recycle and biodegradable bags – in some cases you have to pay for them. Plastic cups on the other hand a still on the loose: if you have kids and are swarmed by weekly birthday parties, you know there’s a minimum of a 100 plastic cups being used – even if we do force the kids to write their names on them. Solution? Let them go thirsty. Or, buy bamboo cups and ask them to return them to you. Zero waste living and hassle free, collecting hundreds of plastic cups birthday parties.

3) Beauty products contain plastic: did you know even scrubs have something called micro beads?

They are the devil for the oceans, as they don’t dissolve in water and fish take them for food. Solution: make your own scrub [we all need a scrub beauty routine]. We love the salt, lemon and rosemary one. Delish!

These are the basics of starting a zero waste lifestyle, then of course you can get a little bit more pro with things.

Following a zero waste life means for some going radical about plastic in so many ways, to the extent they no longer use a plastic bag, container or wrap. We found this enlightening dialogue:


Deli Dude: Next in line, how can I help you?

KK: Hi, I would like 1lb of olives to go in this jar. (Smiles, hands over clean jar)

Deli Dude: Wow, this is really neat.

Judgy Jane: Is that just a regular mason jar? That’s such a smart idea! I want to do that next time.

KK: Yah! It’s great, your food lasts so much longer and it’s a great way to cut down on unnecessary plastic.

(Deli Dude and Judgy Jane both nod in agreement)

We wonder if the world could help us in this attempt of reducing the impact our lives have on the environment and encourage a waste-free living choice. In some cases it does, where stores are well equipped to accommodate our ‘special needs’: you instead, do your shopping well equipped with your own mason jars as the store has got cereal, pasta, milk, flour, soap, shampoo, juice, washing up liquid, biscuits and so many more items in a dispenser.


That’s the way forward.