Loki vs a man in a suit: Tom Hiddleston’s style


A villain in a suit. That’s who Tom Hiddleston is and we have been gathering some of his best looks for you to look at.

He’s Loki, he’s one of the most influential people in the UK, he’s Tom Hiddleston: check out all about his style here.

When you have physique like that it gets quite easy to be casted as a nasty villain, doesn’t it? But did you know that Tom Hiddleston actually auditioned for the role of Thor in the famous Marvel’s Avengers saga? It turned out. But it was his temperament that got him the part of Loki instead: that was back in 2011 and since then Tom Hiddleston’s movies and TV shows included various roles.

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Here’s where you wouldn’t think he’s such a nasty villain, equipped with extraordinary intelligence and the power of manipulate magical forces, including inter-dimensional transportation. Tom Hiddleston might be better known for his Lokian golden horns, but to the public he is also the one man who can pull off tailored suits: this brown suit is styled in such a contemporary way, with the ankles on show and a leather man handbag too.


Loki on the other side of the galaxy or whatever he’s got his 1-bedroom interplanetary studio flat, dresses according to other fashion rules. Long leather coats, metallic details that work as an armour and huge shoulders are the design details Loki is well known for and of course the hair: but does Tom Hiddleston ever been spotted in the street with those long black locks?

A man, a pin striped suit, a dog and the wet pavement of a posh London street: that’s why Tom Hiddleston’s style represents so well the typical Englishman gentleman style. Oh wait, was he going for a James Bond kind of look here? Not sure, but he’s surely not taking Daniel Craig’s spot any soon. And, did you see how he styled a striped tie?

In England grey and brown are legal colours to be worn at gala events or on live TV shows, we have learnt that from X Factor host Dermot O Leary, who seems to have thing against black suits. Tom Hiddleston’s grey suit is perfect with that slim black tie.

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Now, they are the worst enemies in their avengers life, but do you see them in their fashion life? Except for the beard, their style is different in so many ways, even though in this snap they are both wearing a suit. Chris Hemsworth likes a more casual feel to his suit, a not tie open shirt combo, whether Tom Hiddleston’s has the tailored and fitted version of a suit to show off.

And when Tom Hiddleston is not wearing a suit, he can slip into some posh casual attire you would like any men to be inspired by. Roll up your sleeves, put a waistcoat on and go for a relaxed pair of chinos: they only thing you might have to pay plenty of attention to are the perfectly polished brown leather lace ups.

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Now, we want you to take a look at how Tom Hiddleston’s does ‘stripping’, yes you heard right. This is what have found on Instagram, and to be fair maybe he should have gotten the James Bond after all.