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Love the earth and satisfy your hunger for fashion with these vegan clothing brands


We have got a question for you: is going ‘fashion vegan’ as good as adopting a vegan diet? And then another question: can you be only fashion vegan without giving up on a juicy burger here and then?

Is it even worth asking these questions when we have all these good-looking vegan and eco-friendly clothing brands to tempt you whatever life philosophy you are into?

But first, what do we mean with vegan clothing brands? Vegan brands guarantee the absence of any animal products and materials: these include fur, silk, feathers, angora and leather of course. Instead, your plush jackets will be made of plant-based and man-made fibres.

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The Ethicool Choice. Wins it all, doesn’t it? The Italian designed ‘cruelty free’ clothes are made with recycled materials and guarantee the absence of PVC, formaldehyde and heavy metals. What these vegan clothes are full of is plenty of style

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Urban Original

The PETA (people for ethical treatment of animals) approved brand use as well as vegan leathers recycled materials, paying great attention to the impact on the environment keeping the use of chemical very low. Urban Original is a vegan brand that focus on handbags and accessories, whose style is hip and versatile, for all your ‘urban’ moments indeed.

Beyond Skin

If you don’t want to wear shoes that harm animals, you might have to eschew patent leather for one of Beyond Skin’s vegan creations. Their vegan shoes are as stylish as you want them, take a look at these glitter heel faux suede upper, a timeless piece to wear with anything from jeans to a pencil skirt. Based in Spain, Beyond Skin is committed to sustainability as well as keeping the work environment healthy

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HfS Collective

If you are looking for the latest trends in accessories, this vegan brand based in Los Angeles makes the edgiest fanny packs using handcrafted 100 percent organic cotton or Eco-fi, a high-quality fiber created from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The mother and daughter duo wants to inspire the world to free itself from their ‘baggage’ and the caption

This. ?? @sarahshabacon picking up trash on the beach in our convertible wallet belt bag. Always inspired by the women who wear our bags

In the Soulshine

Tees, tees and more tees, conceived down under: but listen to this. The Aussie brand not only does it use vegan ink, but it also outsources its production in Bali guaranteeing a three time more than average salary for a tailor on the island.

Brave GentleMan

Not only vegan handbags and vegan women’s shoes, men can please their will to care for nature too with clothing brand Brave GentleMan. The vegan clothing brand uses recycled soda and water bottles, recycled polyester and cotton blends diverted from waste streams. If on one side the love for nature is in Brave GentleMan production processes and materials, on the other their designs convey as well a certain ‘plant-fixation’ too, check out this waterless digital printing with tagua-nut buttons shirt.


Putting the planet and people before profits, Wawwa is an eco-friendly clothing brand. Using energy only from renewable sources, the brand makes 100 per cent organic and PETA vegan certificated clothes.