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Madge: a charmant touch and a badass touch. This is the secret of the new name in electro-pop music

18.03.2019 | By PAOLO BOCCHI

In the video that made her popular, ‘Fight or Flight Club’, Madge summarizes the moves and looks that are destined to dictate the new trend lines of this mercurial music scene.

Among these ‘trend lines’, hidden but not too much, is also the very meaning of Madge. Read here to understand better…

Madge. This is one of the new names in the current, mercurial, musical landscape. Madge is defined as a sort of “sorceress” of contemporary electro-pop.

Madge is what could be called a real “chameleon”, not only in terms of sound, but also, and perhaps above all, in looks. In any case, whether we are talking about seven electronically pop notes, or ways of presenting ourselves to the public, Madge is undoubtedly one of the most interesting realities in today’s music-world.

Having reached success with a real electro-pop “bomb” titled “Fight or Flight Club”, Madge has come forward leveraging, from the beginning, her winning features:

androgynous allure, and great versatility. All skillfully mixed, and served together with a strong personality. A personality that makes miscellany one of its main features.

Madge defines herself as “half charmant” and “half badass”. The definition, overall, 100% real, seems spot on. And powerfully seductive.

Just as powerful is the meaning of the “nick” Madge, still unknown to most.


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Under the heading “madge”, in the dictionary, we find this definition:

“When a man sticks his penis between his legs in order to imitate a woman” *

The complexity of the character, openly anti-label, is revealed even better in the lyrics of her “Fight or Flight Club”, within which flow lines such as:

“… right, left, hook, jab … you’re gonna beat me up … gonna beat me like you beat your little sister … and when the clock stops … I’ll be laying on the floor … I wanna be the one to make you feel you need more…”

Musical lyrics from border lands 3.0.

For sure Madge has elegance and class for sale.

Her looks and movements, in the video, are contemporary, yet futuristic.

Red beret on her head. Shaved cut. Supercool t-shirt. White sneakers.

A mix between a Madness ska-skin and Grace Jones in a state of grace,

but also natural heir to FKA Twigs and Charli XCX,

Madge leaves her mark.


Sweet and hungry, the artist.

Mormon and American, the person.

Hip-Hop, Electronics, Pop, music.

Madge composes, writes and produces. Alone.

In short, Madge seems to be determined to demolish, with a load of novelty,

the old stereotypes and the rusty tracks on which girls have grown up so far.

Madge describes her sound as a kind of “saccharine assault”.

It is the precise sensation that one feels when listening to it: sugary melodies are outlined in a musical sea where a strong epochal tension prevails; all this turns out to be, always using Madge’s words: “Like a cat that first bites your hand and then licks it, gently. Something that breaks your nose and heart, at the same time,.”

To be able to give birth to this type of music, one wonders what were the musical influences on Madge, as a child.

The answer, as expected, is unpredictable:

“Classical music, a lot. And also a lot of jazz. The Spice Girls, at the time, of course. Then Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. And France Gall. Rihanna, for whom I go crazy. And Girlpool”

A real musical aquarium, populated almost by every species, living and not.

With an innate talent for music, and this kind of openness, Madge seems ready to take the big leap, using as a launching site Los Angeles, which at this moment sees her at work for the preparation and launch of her first “long distance” effort.

How will this album of hers be?

“A happy balance between catchiness and chaos!”

Words and Music: Madge.