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Madonna&Lourdes Leon Ciccone: is it just a matter of DNA?


We have probably found one of the most interesting Instagram profiles out there and yet we are not even 100% sure it is her official one and it doesn’t even compare on numbers with her mother’s.

Meet Lola, aka Lourdes Maria Ciccone.

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At 59 years of age, Madonna hasn’t stopped sweeping us off our feet: she did this just over a week ago with a Met Gala 2018 performance of Like a Prayer, the only song in the world to put into music Heavenly Bodies, the theme chosen for this year’s exhibition. (She did it in a jean Paul Gaultier black veil and jewelled rosaries)


With more than 11 million Instagram followers, Madonna is the Mother of Pop, the undisputed female icon of the 80s that indeed for her strong link with religion in her music, managed to establish her own style and aesthetic.

Copied by everyone, still now.

She’s done it all, seen it all, but always been ahead of her time.

Always being able to set the pace, raising the bar, always being a pure source of inspiration.

I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay

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Her first child is now 21 years old and goes by a nickname that does not match her persona not in a million years: Lola – who Madonna had with her personal trainer from Cuba – embodies Madonna’s spirit, her talent and trademark of standing out for some reason.

One we are not going to pay much attention too is the no armpit-shaving trend the two are trying to revive – do we really care? There are better things to talk about when it comes to Lourdes Leon Ciccone: she’s not much into the public eye as you would expect from the scale on notoriety her mum has around her image. She’s down to earth and has the longest and the best story telling Instagram feed we can think of – no need of the paparazzi snooping around.

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She’s studying drama, music and arts at the University of Michigan and did model for Stella McCartney on a perfume ad, showing her inclination for body positivity, being different and standing out.

How does she do it? Hers is something you don’t get with Photoshop tricks, it’s all in that DNA, although she does tweak her traits with random pastel colour hair choices.

Up until now, she’s been involved in Madonna’s career in so many ways one would think the girl will have an easy road ahead of her in choosing the right career path. Does she need a career, really? She might be aware she is never in the world going to match her mum’s global-endless-timeless success.

She might also be aware she can learn anything she can from her Madonna’s brand.


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In 2012 she sang backup vocals, she has already acted, launched Material Girl beauty line when she was only 14 and helped her mom writing a book. A jack-of-all-trades who’s yet to have a big break in one of them.

The question is, does she want a big break?

Probably not, she is more focussed on finding her way through life like other girls her age would, with silly Instagram dances and pixel-ed stories.

We are going to keep an eye on Lola.