Marco Mazzoni: why we heart his art


Artists don’t tend to reveal much about the reasons why they do what they do and how they do it: but at D360 we have been lucky enough to have Marco Mazzoni in the team, and even luckier as he answered all the questions anyone would like to ask an artist.


What’s behind Marco Mazzoni’s art?



D360: You are here in Milan at Dondup as you worked on the project Music Icons during Milan Design Week 2018, a project inspired by Dondup SS18 collection musical theme. What’s your relationship with music?


Marco Mazzoni: If you are asking me which music genre I like, I should say Italian Indie, but, to be honest, I am not that much into music at all, I live music in a different way. Although it is a for of art too, it has a different way of engaging with the ‘user’ and maybe that’s where I struggle to fit in with it.

This outfit is the one we choose to define as Marco Mazzoni’s uniform, sweater combining a dynamic spirit and distinctive military vibes, featuring camouflage mesh details.

D360: Where do you find inspiration for your works?


Marco Mazzoni: My studio is in my house, so I really must start my day with finding some inspiration out there. I walk my dog Camillo and that’s when my brain picks things up from my surroundings (I’m based in the south part of Milan). Then, once home, I kind of enter my own ‘place’ and gladly listen to the world going on outside of it: even if you may think this is me ‘isolating’ from everything, this is actually me feeling part with the rest of world.

What’s more appropriate than a denim jacket to throw on to take Camillo for its stroll? A denim jacket featuring a patchwork of different choices, an innovative touch to a timeless piece part of Dondup Denim culture and heritage.

D360: You are wearing pink right now, is that your favourite colour?


Marco Mazzoni: Although you do see a lot of pink in my recent works, I must say I don’t have a favourite colour, I more grow out of them actually. Three years ago I was very much into greens and reds, now I have been using pinks and blues. Who knows what I’ll grow into?

While he picks up his pad to take a look at his sketches, Marco Mazzoni wears a cotton crew-neck pullover in pink, featuring a chunky weave and a refined texture. The vertical seam on the back is the quintessence of a relaxed look.

D360: Animals are amongst the subjects of your drawings, why?


Marco Mazzoni: Fear. Phobia more like. Amongst my many fixations, some of which are not so uncommon, I have an exaggerated fear of birds, maybe just of the feeling of touching them, but still, what I put on the paper is that. Have you ever touched a frog? Well, that’s another one.

While he looks out of the window watching the world from his very own perspective, Marco Mazzoni wears a Chambray denim shirt, a relaxed and versatile piece featuring a subtle chevron pattern and a small mandarin collar.

D360: Is there a thing called ‘fashion for artists’, what’s your style?


Marco Mazzoni: I don’t think artists still have that kind of flamboyant fashion sense they used to have, and that’s a good thing. I like to wear clothes that fit me well, as skinny or carrot jeans, as I am rather skinny myself. All I feel myself when I wear essential pieces that still have an original touch to them.

Sharp colourful pencils in contrast with all the softness of plush suede, featuring that original detail Marco refers to, a denim insert at the hem. To see all the other details of this piece click here.