Meghan-lomaniac: royal baby news broke the Internet as she steals the show


A faux pass, a misstep that broke all etiquette rules: that’s how announcing her pregnancy at Princess Eugenie’s wedding was named by media and the internet.  Let’s forget for a second that Meghan and Harry are indeed royals, what really had the internet excited about behind their screen was something very ‘commoner’.

She just stole the show. And all the articles on how she stole the show are still stealing the show. Apparently, the news was given at ceremony at St George’s chapel as the couple did not attend the black-tie dinner at Royal Lodge: the exact moment was during the champagne reception hosted by the Queen.

We can just picture the family scene, with canapes and flutes of champagnes that cost like one of your most expensive frocks. Someone must have spotted the Duchess of Sussex turning down every single glass of bubbly some heavily trained waiter had offered her and heard baby alarm bells ringing straight up. The next question Meghan was asked was something like this: ‘Are you watching your units?’.

OK, we are done with royal cynical ‘fairy-tale’: but the Internet was 10 times harder on them and regardless of how trivial this whole matter is, we’d like to talk about the reactions of those cynical humans equipped with keyboard and an internet connection.

If to some it seems rather a normal thing to break the news to the family on that one occasion when you have most of your family members under one roof, for others Meghan Markle is an evil witch who just wants all the attentions to herself – as if she didn’t even enough already.

Then some on Twitter also spotted that the announcement was made on Baby Loss and bereavement day and how little sensitive they were in not respecting the feelings of those who have lost so much. To be honest, Meghan isn’t boasting about her motherhood, but rather just about the fact she’s expecting a child. She’s just done the 12-week scan, the bump was hardly showing under that blue Givenchy trench coat she wore at the wedding. The two are not related.

Then of course some quality speculation on the topic #royalbaby. And yes, some people did actually congratulate them, regardless of etiquette and royal manners principles being disobeyed. And, the ‘Spring 2019’ has already given the creative minds of the Brits plenty of material to write jokes on the Internet, as guess what’s due in that time as well? Brexit. Congratulations, we guess!!