Mickey Mouse is the most famous fashion influencer ever


In the world of influencers, the one of glowy skin, perfect abs, glossy hair and all beautiful things that make us desire for more, there’s a 90-year-old who is ruling trends and the international catwalks, and has been doing it quite successfully for a while now: he’s Mickey Mouse.


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Mickey Mouse and Moschino

It was just days ago that Jeremy Scott transformed an iconic cartoon character into yet again, an extravagant collection: this time around, the collab was between Moschino and H&M and featured the most famous Disney character ever: Mickey Mouse. Not only him, the collection featured also Minnie Mouse and others amongst his friends and family members.

Moschino summed up on an Insta post what this means:

“The new @Moschino x @HM collaboration has a little bit of everything. Mickey Mouse sweaterdresses for sweethearts, leather minis for vamps, padlock bags for hard-core punks, denim overalls for ’90s nostalgists, MTV hoodies for videoheads, plus sequins, faux fur, chain belts, logo tees, and two condom-print shirts that read ‘ready-to-wear.’ This is a collection for everyone from the self-proclaimed people’s designer.”

Jeremy Scott is no stranger to using cartoon characters and turning them into pop culture fashion statement: for Moschino he had already done it with SpongeBob Squarepants on several occasions, as well as the unmistakable yellow on red M standing for the notorious fast food chain.  

Mickey Mouse and Supreme

Supreme released a capsule collection back in 2017, where Mickey Mouse appeared on tees and jumpers. Although some of you might have gone for the middle finger Mickey Mouse tee created by the luxury streetwear brand a couple of years earlier.  .

Mickey Mouse @Berlin Fashion Week17

In 2017 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin A/W 2017 at  Kaufhaus Jandorf Lena Hoschek, famous for her nostalgic return to traditional tailoring,  sent down the runway models in elegant outfit that included a Mickey Mouse pencil skirt, making him the retro touch to an opulent look.


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Mickey Mouse and luxury streetwear

This summer subversive streetwear brand GCDS included amongst the super wide array of sweaters, joggers, caps and sneakers to their name a collection of 80s Mickey Mouse garments, like this sweater-shirt as well as a Mickey Hoodie, featuring the  most famous red pants in the world on the front pocket.


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Gucci and Mickey Mouse

Alessandro Michele, since he took over Gucci in 2015, has made his love affair for cartoons a clear statement, with a Donald Duck capsule collection and a Snow White eating her poisoned apple, to a pattern inspired by The Three Little Pigs. To celebrate Mickey Mouse 90th birthday, Alessandro Michele designed a series of handbags shaped like the iconic ears of the character, and sent them down his 2019 runway.

Lanvin and Mickey Mouse

And if Minnie did get her own Lanvin dress, made for her back in 2013,a frock in royal blue and long sleeves that she can wear at special Paris events, it is her historical boyfriend who owns the highest number of merchandise made by Disney and celebrity endorsement.


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...and there’s more Mickey anywhere you look!

He definitely is the mouse with most style. You can get anything branded Mickey Mouse, but we are not talking just about merchandise that would appeal to little kids: Ray Ban and Onitsuka tiger have surely contributed to maintain the character’s playful side whilst creating original accessories.