Modern Christmas tree: the best trends, colours and design ideas


The Christmas tree: isn’t where all the magic resides? Putting up the Christmas tree as kids is surely one of the most exciting and rewarding activities to do with your family, but how does that change in adulthood? With some of you thinking ‘Nope, I’m not even going to bother this year’, we thought it was high time for us bringing you the right inspiration for whatever need you may have to create the best Christmas tree ever. From the most modern types of Christmas tree design pleasing any type of household, to 2018 Christmas tree trends, you just need to scroll through our finds and we assure you will head straight down the shops in search of our suggestions.

So here it is, the most modern Christmas tree is right here!

2018 Christmas tree trends

Mexican Pop Inspiration

An original and unique type of Modern Christmas tree type of decoration, created entirely using repurposed metal ‘ex voto ‘ from the Mexican pop culture. From tarots to Frida Khalo and Jodorowski to the Vergine of Guadalupe, this is one of the most colourful and quirky type of Christmas tree trends on decorations.


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This is probably the epitome of Christmas modern tree, with its near glass baubles and frame, it is perfect for those who have pets and don’t want them to be messing too much with it. On an aesthetic point of view, if one side it does not scream warmth and cosy, on the other it creates the best light effects suitable for any type of white wonderland type of Christmas decoration. It is also one of the most elegant types of Christmas tree.


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Wall Hanging

A simple yet up to jolly good spirit is the wall hanging Christmas tree, one of the 2018 Christmas tree trends that suits anyone who hasn’t got much space in the house but still wants to find the best decorations and put them on display.


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Red and white

One of the 2018 Christmas tree trends is about colours: never like this year gold, silver and blue have been left on store shelves to make space for glorious red and white decorations. From candy canes to little Santas, don’t think your tree will end up looking like a sort of football club mascot.


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A frame tree

Minimal is one way of describing this 2018 Christmas tree trend: the most efficient and artistic way to go with a frame Christmas tree is to have more than one next to the other, so that the space is filled with their essential magic.


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Feather tree

They are probably the chicest type of modern Christmas tree: the best effect is with white feathers and you can get different types of Christmas tree designs made out of this material. The more sophisticated types are rather petite, such as the ones to be placed on top of a table.


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Fiber Optic tree

The most modern and hassle free type of Christmas tree to have this year is the fiber optic tree: no need to buy lights and decorations as this tree comes with pretty small branches. It still pulls out a rather stunning effect.

How to decorate a Christmas tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is not rocket science but if you don’t want to make beginner’s mistakes, here are three simple steps to follow in this order:

1) the Christmas Tree lights

Start from the bottom of the tree and go upwards, trying to stay as close to the center of the tree as possible.

2) Garland

If you are doing a traditional Christmas tree, the garland is where you can pack all of your craft skills and come up with some original and unique pieces.

3) Ornaments

Start with your best ornaments and then work your way to filling the whole tree with your bigger baubles and decorations

Christmas tree decorating ideas


Cottage glam is probably the right combination between modernity and classic, with a touch of winter bliss: the color palette of this style is gold, white and green. If you can manage to keep it all very light, this is one of the most elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas.


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You can go with anything from repurposed bits and bobs you can find around the house, as tacky knick knack, small perfume bottles or even kitchen ware. The funniest Christmas tree decoration would be mignon whisky and liqueur bottles to hang on your tree, your relatives will thank you.


Less is more when it comes to Scandinavian style. Opt for little Elf santas, wooden decorations as well warm white light. But keep everything to a very minimum.


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