Music Radar: Alec Benjamin


If you are not into pop feel free to look away now.  If you are not into a boy, a semi-falsetto voice and his acoustic guitar, you can also feel free to look away now. Otherwise this editorial on pop star Alec Benjamin is just for you.

Who is Alec Benjamin?

He is 24 years old and is job is ‘singer-songwriter’. Alec Benjamin is from Phoenix, Arizona, and in just over 4 years he managed to go from playing his songs outside Shawn Mendez gigs to collecting millions of views on Youtube.

Alec Benjamin’s style

Inspired by Eminem, believe it or not, Alec Benjamin’s style is far from dance and trap, anything that will make you dance at least. His talent is more in creating romantic and dramatic ballads and he has previously defined himself as a ‘storyteller, a narrator’’. The song that made the world discover him is Paper Crown, released by in 2014 and these are the words you can find in it:

A paper crown, and a heart made of glass
A tattered gown, and her kingdom of ash
She walks alone, can never look back
The story of a queen whose castle has fallen to the sea

Alec Benjamin’s work

In 2018 he released his second mixtape titled ‘Narrated for You’ which includes the tracks “The Boy in the Bubble, “If We Have Each Other”, “Death of a Hero”, “Outrunning Karma” and “1994” and on January 7th has released a new collaboration with Alessia Cara.


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The 2017 viral moment

Although Alec Benjamin isn’t the fruit of a talent show, he managed to be featured and somehow go viral on a 2017 performance from America’s Got Talent: his song ‘I built a friend’ was danced by 12-year-old Merrick Hanna, who stunned judge Simon Cowell. This sent the track to number one trending video in May last year.

Alec Benjamin’s fashion sense

White tee and loose pants, sometimes a sweater, plain, no prints, no flashy colours: it’s all very neutral and plain on the fashion front for Alec Benjamin, but we guess that is a fashion statement itself, isn’t it?


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Alec Benjamin on tour

You can still grab the last tickets for Alec Benjamin’s gigs as at the moment he is touring worldwide: the last stage will be Los Angeles on May 9th.