Music Radar: Bazzi


104 million views and growing, that’s the extent of Andrew Bazzi’s Mine success.

And with an opening verse going

You so fucking precious when you smile

It’s probably what Millennials had been waiting for.

You probably  have heard the song or recognise it for the Snapchat filter used in the video and the internet memes featuring hearts and lyrics in pink popping up, but Lebanese-American Andrew Bazzi will be heard for much more than this.

On Bazzi’s Instagram post we read his debut album Cosmic is going ‘gold’. But what has made Bazzi stand out other than the meme on the song Mine?

In a world of mumble rappers where by definition they are impossible to keep pace with in sing-along attempts – not sure they even want you too – romantic/light hearted relatable lyrics are the appeal a non-striking voice of singer Bazzi can focus on.

Plus, his songs are so catchy that you will be unstoppable at the singing along.

In terms of content, Bazzi’s songs are on relatable themes such as relationship and friendship

Beautiful, released in 2018 by Bazzi represents very well this, with simple lyrics, cheesy at times, but oh boy, people do love them.

They hear:

The way that Gucci look on you, amazing
But nothing can compare to when you’re naked

And then comment:

Bazzi makes me feel like I can afford Gucci.


A simplicity that comes off as genuine as well: Bazzi was born and lived his first 16 years of his career in the Michigan towns of Dearborn and Canton. Since school, he has always been looking for becoming an entertainer, learning the art of freestyling and performing in front of an audience.

After posting covers on YouTube, Vine was his first ‘official’ audience: it was 2015 and the song was ‘Bring Me Home’.

Now, his approach to music is to make songs that can become his favourite songs, and he has already been touring with Havana star Camila Cabello and joined Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods tour in 2018


In an interview he said he wants to change the face of pop

These next few years, I’m genuinely trying to revitalize and revolutionize pop music because it’s dying. No one wants the picture-perfect song anymore. I’m trying to keep the beautiful qualities of pop – nostalgia, melodies and the feeling that a beautiful pop song can give you – but make it real. It’s not polished.


At only 21 years of age, Andrew Bazzi promises to deliver a lot: he’s currently working on a collab with Marshmello – whose identity was finally confirmed only last year as Christopher Comstock.

Watch out for those curls, girls!


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