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Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace is the duo behind the name Loud Luxury: they are Canadian and first made an impact on the music scene in 2017 with the single ‘Scared to be Lonely’. In over one year they have scored incredible numbers on Spotify and millions of views on YouTube.

Let’s go and check out Loud Luxury

Loud Luxury on tour

First off, we will allow you leaving this site only to go and check out Loud Luxury tour dates: right now (December 2018) they are touring in Canada, then they will travel across the States, followed by Mexico, Paraguay and more or less the rest of South America to then end in Sweden at the end of July.


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Body - Loud Luxury feat. brando

With nearly 90 million Youtube views, Body is the hit that took the duo to the international scene as well as on Billboard charts. When they moved to Los Angeles the duo was just trying to contact as many artists as possible to collaborate with and, as they said to Billboard themselves, money was tight and basically lived on oatmeal everyday. It was thanks to the hook up with brando, a love at first sight with his stunning voice, and incredible level of excitement that the single came out – on Armada Music – and has taken them to stardom.

In their words to Billboard they explain how important it was for them to incorporate ‘them’ in the song:

We were always unsure of how far it would go but that never really mattered because we had something that we were excited about and it felt like ‘us.

And Loud Luxury – Body lyrics convey just that bit of hometown feel as well as the emotions of the artists:

But when I lean for the kiss
You said I’ll probably send you some pics
And I’m like

Love No More - Loud Luxury x anders

Loud Luxury second single ‘Love No More’ is more of an upbeat track, definitely faster than Body and it talks a heartbreak. The mix with deep house booms is what makes the song recognisable

I don’t want your love no more
It’s not what I’m looking for
I don’t want your love
If you can’t be the one I want
Can’t help it

Some may have said the song is very a 2.0 version of Body, some have said it comes at its second part. You will just have to judge which one you are going to play the most. The release in September 2018 has already totalled 1, 2 million views on Youtube.

Sex Like Me - Luxury

But before that it was all about summer vibes with Loud Luxury release ‘Sex Like Me’ back in April. Did it get your grooving? For sure this is one best Loud Luxury songs