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What’s been happening to Troye Sivan since the release of his album Bloom back on August 31st? The rising star keeps rising, and we have looked into what make the 23 year old queer pop artist one to watch in the music industry.

What’s it like to be 17 and gay and have an ambition? In Troye Sivan’s head, it was all very clear: back then, 7 years ago,he took on YouTube and started his singing there. But it was his big revelation that had his channel subscribers really hooked up.

The South African born, raised in Australia singer, went from YouTube to mainstream  in 2018. It all happened very very quickly at the beginning of the year with the release of the song ‘My My My’: a gay love song that also talked about his sensibility. That’s what is happening in the music industry right now, even in Troye’s words: a wave of queer artists, with a story to tell, with a new type of artistry, creativity and yes, a new kind of music sensibility.

Troye told NME:

It’s kind of weird, because our music sounds completely different, but I guess that’s proof that there’s this amazing wave of queer artists on the come up right now. I’m so thankful for that, that we’re heading in a really great direction. But I guess the world is eventually going to grow out of it and realise how different music [made by queer people] is.

From then things escalated so much that he even ended up with Ariana Grande featuring in the video of Dance to This.

Troye Sivan - Postcard (Live on the Honda Stage)

On top of his lyrics and ‘subjects’ Troye Sivan’s album features infusions from different music styles, including  sad Swedish electro, vintage British goth pop and classic American rock. But at 23 years of age, Troye wants to express in  his songs what it means to go from a teenage trying to get his voice heard to a an adult, to responsibilities and identity.

Troye Sivan - Dance To This ft. Ariana Grande

But there’s one thing Troye Sivan has managed to be quick at establishing. Gay music shouldn’t exist as in a ghettoed genre. It’s more than OK if finally a different music mood, characterised by explicit gay lyrics (Bloom is about bottoming) establishes amongst fans of all kinds, and with kinds we mean gender.

Plus, on top of Troye Sivan’s remarkable lyrics, we kind of have fallen in love with his styling.  We can say his outfit staple is the elongated blazer and pant suits.


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So, what’s next on Troye Sivan’s horizon? In theatres on November 22nd Troye Sivan movie on  the son of a Baptist preacher who is forced to participate to a gay conversion.  Boy Erased, featuring Troye Sivan’s Revelation: watch the trailer here.