Music radar: Who’s 070 Shake – and why she will change rap


If you want to know who this female uprising artist is you can start by clicking play on the first video and she’ll tell you herself. And even before you get to hear her singing voice, you’ll get swept off  your feet by her speaking voice, which some have described as ‘naturally autotuned’.

070 Shake and where she’ll take female rappers

Well she does say ‘I’m not a boy, or a girl- I’m just human’ so we guess music once again goes beyond the concept of gender, but we all know how tricky it gets in the world of rap for the ladies to really get their voice and talent heard. 070 Shake made it to the top, in less than two years.

How did it all happen?

Age 20 now, and 070 Shake has already featured on Kanye West latest album YE on the track Ghost Town together with Kid Cudi and John Legend as well. More than a feature, this was actually 070 Shake’s metallic voice breakout:

That’s it, from those verses you kind of have to go and check out 070 Shake releases. These included the album Glitter that came out in March 2018. And that’s when you get to listen to Mirrors and somebody on the comments felt these words:

Her grasp of darkness is something I haven’t seen in an artist since Amy Winehouse. She understands what’s going on. She gives off The Joker vibes at times in the coolest way. She definitely has a lot of pain inside of her, but her transmutation of it through art is what makes her great. I hope people really take a look into her lyrics + general.

And that’s about it, we are sold on 070 Shake and that’s how whoever from GOOD music felt when they heard her voice and signed her immediately. 

But where does 070 Shake come from?

070 Shake is a catchy name she got from the neighbourhood in New Jersey she’s from as 070 is its zip code. She started it all with her crew when she signed in 2016 with YesJulz, the Miami-based promoter, social-media star, and “director of vibes”. From here the release of a mix tape of singles called 070 project: Chapter 1.

It was indeed thanks to YesJulz that she came to land amongst Kanye West’s crew, as Travis Scott is a common friend of the two.

The first single she released with GOOD was Trust Nobody, and this is how it goes.

Next year 070 Shake is due to come out with a new album ‘Yellow’ and from her Instagram account we kind of guess she’s working on it.

Her real name is Danielle Balbuena and we guess we will be hearing more of it in the near future amongst the best female rappers of the year.

Not just a unique voice and style, 070 Shake Instagram gives out a specific message on how female rappers can establish themselves in the music industry. Not just ‘tits and tatts’, not just ‘booty this, booty that’: let’s not forget that out there is a large group of women that doesn’t identify with female stereotypes. It’s the team of Skin, it’s the team of queer women who have got other things to say in music compared to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’.

If there’s one trade that was still unknown territory for queer women is in fact rap. Are we wrong in saying this?