Must read books written by famous fashion models


It’s no secret that many top models live “double lives”. When they aren’t strutting their way down the runway or being busy with their glam life, they are just like any of us; they go to college, run errands, work out, run charities, start businesses, record singles, spend time with their little ones and so much more to be honest. But did you know that some of these supermodels are also bestselling authors?

Yup! Some of the world’s top models have taken the time from their busy lives to share their experience and thoughts on everything! Here are some of the best books written by models that will for sure boost your confidence and make you feel empowered!

A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like – Ashley Graham

“Be strong, not skinny” is one of the things that Ashley Graham will teach you in her new book. The renowned model gives us insights of her life. Not only does she share her perspectives with us but also urges the new generation of women to break ground and demolish stereotypes, transform our ideals about body image and what is fashionable and beautiful. This is not like any other models’ books. This is an empowering book that will blow your mind away.

Kate: The Kate Moss Book– Kate Moss

Created by the one and only self, Kate Moss. In collaboration with creative director Fabien Baron, Jess Hallett, and Jefferson Hack, this book is a personal retrospective of Kate Moss’s career from her starting point to becoming one of the most iconic models of all time.

Alek: The Extraordinary Life of a Sudanese Refugee – Alek Wek

Did you know that this internationally recognized beauty is also a former refugee? Born in Sudan, Alek was forced to flee the country with her family as a result of a vicious civil war. She arrived in London at the age of 14 and was discovered a few years later. Ever since then, she single-handedly changed the traditional concept of what beauty is in the West. Alek’s memoir will make you laugh, cry, but most importantly feel inspired, encouraged and determined.

Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face – Cindy Crawford

If there is anyone who knows a thing or two about modeling and looking great, it is one of the world’s first supermodels, Cindy Crawford.

Basic Face was published in 1996 and was sold on the fact that “in the ’90s, women are too busy to spend a lot of time and fuss putting on makeup.” But if you think about it, that’s still true today, which is why her fashion book is a must read as she offers makeup tips, skin preparations and all the tools you need to get started!

Treasure Yourself – Miranda Kerr

In Treasure Yourself, international supermodel Miranda Kerr offers her own view on how one can achieve better health and happiness. Her book is a collection of thoughts, memories, and life lessons that are meant to put young girls around the world on the path to self-improvement. Miranda believes that one of the most powerful tools to make change is a positive affirmation and she has collected over 100 of them from some of the world’s most inspirational authors including Louise L. Hay, Wayne W. Dyer, Deepak Chopra and many more.

Study of Pose: 1000 Poses – Coco Rocha

Whether you’re an aspiring model or already a runway regular, this incredible fashion book is the one you need to get first. This ambitious collaboration with world-renowned photographer Steven Sebring features Coco Rocha doing what she does best: posing. Coco Rocha gives us 1000 poses in black and white, dressed in a simple white outfit – bending, jumping, sitting, standing, and everything in between—and the result is beautiful, arresting, and inspiring.

What’s more, if you get the digital version of it, you’ll get an interactive, 360-degree view of each pose.