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Netflix ‘You’ is the prettiest picture of the digital era yet



Genre: crime, drama, romance

Broadcaster: Netflix

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 11

Creators:  Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble

Cast: Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Luca Padovan

Release date:  September 2018

Rating: 8/10

You trailer

You's plot

Joe Goldberg is a bookstore manager in New York and when Guinevere Beck enters his shop, he is immediately taken by her and falls in love with her. His infatuation for Beck  goes beyond the games of chasing her around as in trying to get to speak to her when she goes to the bookstore find material and inspiration for her writing. Beck In Real Life, her email name, is a poet and probably accomplice this literary trait of her, she soon becomes the object of an obsession for Joe. He hacks into her life, interfering with the course of events that would unfold, often using rather unorthodox methods.

Does she like him back? Is she real as he is, or she’s another social media addict whose obsession is to document a fake life on the internet? Ultimately, will she understand that Joe is ‘the one’ for her?

Why you should or should not watch ‘You’?

To be frank I have tried to come up with a good reason why you shouldn’t be getting into ‘You’ but truth is, I can’t. Joe’s old fashioned style:  he’s deceit of anything digital – although he perfectly knows how to use social media and how to get the information he wants from it.

He’s into the most precious thing humanity is left with: books.

The opposite of quick, immediate entertainment, the one made of sudden visuals and stimulations; printed words connect us to a sphere of culture we are slowly separating from. A culture also image of our inability to create social relationship that matter, to connect with other human beings in an authentic way.

Joe is the true digital lifestyle escapist and he thinks Beck is ready to jump on this train, too. To our eyes, he is the opposite of what to expect from a toxic relationship: he just says the right things, all the times. If you start watching You, you’ll soon realise how Joe will be growing on you and there’s nothing wrong with that, even if – just by watching the trailer – it’s easy to get Joe isn’t just trying to deceive society, he’s deviant.

Do you need to be into poetry and literature to appreciate ‘You’? Not at all, although, in my case of course my job worked in my favour in getting into this Netflix Original series.

Is ‘You’ cheesy? It isn’t new for series labelled as ‘romance’ to carry along with them the stigma of cheesiness. But ‘You’ isn’t the case. The comforting words coming out of Joe’s mouth do have a sweet note to them, but they always leave a bitter after taste in the back of your mouth, aka, they are the words coming out of the mind of a psychotic mind.

Dialogues might seem over scripted at times, but that’s just part of the ‘we are into books and poetry’ type of characters the creators wanted to depict.

Is You getting a second season? Yes, it has been made official by Netflix with a ‘Follow for Follow’ post on their Instagram account that a second series of ‘You’ is in the making.

So, if we have tempted you in following the stories of the most romantic and creepiest stalker of New York, now is the time to catch up with the first season of ‘You’.