New beauty ingredients we will be all craving for in 2019


January is a month we often spend detoxing from the festive partying and excesses and that’s a perfect occasion to be looking at the new beauty ingredients and trends that will come to our help in getting healthier skin, whilst protecting the environment and making us look like a million dollars.

We have been looking around to bring you the next beauty craves, including revolutionary ingredients, as well as the latest beauty trends to help.

Making tea for the skin

On top of using biodynamic agriculture and recyclable packaging, OWay have put great attention to the word natural: but there’s more, amongst their range of skincare products the novelty we all see as the next craze is a sort of infusion to make and then apply on your face. It is called winter solstice blend and it contains lemon balm, rosemary, thyme, cornflower, mallow, orange zest, peppermint, which act as antioxidants and have an anti-inflammatory action too.


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Minimalist beauty

‘Less is beauty’, the commitment to pure, effective, clean and safe cosmetics is the motto of Ayuna, who have gone probably in the opposite direction of Korean beauty routines in terms of ‘methods’, yet promoting a way of taking care of your skin that is for everyone. Their topical fasting routine – yes you can do fasting on your skin too – is a program in 4 steps, which includes a volcanica revitalizing mask.

Ghassoul Clay from Morocco

We have already seen clay in beauty products, but the micronized clay present in Atom’s beauty line is an efficient helper in keeping your skin toxins free as well as absorbing excess oils. If on one side we did already see coming from Morocco the nourishing powers of Argan oil, on the other Ghassoul clay is the ingredient that will be restoring balance on any type of skin. It’s 100 % natural.


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Jeju Volcanic Lava

Known for its powerful sebum adhering effects, Jeju volcanic lava is one of the latest ingredients to watch out and swiftly insert in your beauty routine. Containing the bentonite clay from volcanic ash, the range of products is specific for oily skins and includes a mud pack, a pre scrub foam, pore toner and nose strips.  


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Snow mushrooms

Tremella fuciformis mushroom, that’s the Snow Mushrooms full name and as you have probably guessed already, it isn’t a totally new ingredient, is just that the western world has only recently started to be looking into everything Asian, as in their remedies, including their natural ones. Beauty brands of the likes of Moon Juice and Volition, who have had their hands on it, and it is sold in the shape of the a serum: the new ingredient can hold 500 times its weight in water, similarly to what hyaluronic acid does.


Goji berries, açai and other exotic and unpronounceable names have been the trending amongst the so-called superfoods, those foods containing a dozilion times the quantity of nutrients compared to their ‘normal’ foods.

Moringa seed is amongst the new superfoods to watch out in your beauty diet, as it can be used both by those who have oily skins and normal skins. 3lab have included it in their eye cream to reduce puffiness.

Carbonated Korean skincare

We have talked about Korean perfect skin hacks before, with the 10 steps routine and the makeup trends for all genders, but on the horizon there’s sparkline water to look for amongst them. The new beauty ingredient is supposed to firm up the skin and cleanse pores without harshness.

Sustainable beauty

Not only natural ingredients, organic and sourced locally. The most important aspect of the new ingredients defining beauty’s new boundaries is their impact on the environment: contrary to fast fashion and industrial production, beauty really takes care of your skin as it makes sure the air and cells it breathes are not toxic. 

Eco-friendly packaging

A plastic-free bottle isn’t a utopi, it is already happening, thanks also to brands that have to invest plenty of attention and care in their packaging: amongst beauty brands Seedphytonutrients have made beauty sustainable thanks to their 100% recycled shower bottle, which uses 60% less plastic than average. They have come up with an ‘environmentally friendly bottle with an outer shell of recycled paper concealing a thin, plastic, recycled liner inside’.


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An Unwrapped Life

They too have taken the concept of beauty as a whole, starting with making our planet healthier by creating lierally anything, from soap dishes to straws, to bamboo rounds, a reusable alternative to cotton disks, which have a much higher impact on the environment.


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