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New Caledonia: unexpected islands of authenticity


We are looking for that destination in the world that not only gives us beautiful views and dreamy sandy beaches but that can also make us feel as we were the first man stepping on them. We are all after the experience of a lifetime, where forgetting who we are to embrace totally different habits is the real thrill.

The world is slowly – or rapidly? – becoming a spoilt place, where a beach in Bermuda has the same effect on you as one in Kauai just because geotagging made them so popular with tourists that just a tiny notch they have lost their appeal.  But New Caledonia has preserved its old flavours, away from mass tourism but strictly in touch with the most authentic experiences the people of a place can offer to visitors.

New Caledonia is the New way of luxury travelling

When we talk about luxury, it’s the modern take of it we have in mind: experiences. And New Caledonia is where to get the most unique ones. The only cash you will have to work out is for the far flung flight to the other side of the world, as the so called ‘Land of speech, land of sharing’ is located more than 1000 km east of Australia in the South Pacific. Its location is probably one of its perks, as it has discouraged visitors even in an era of globalisation.

Staying with the Kanak people

They are the indigenous Melanesian population of New Caledonia and they make up half the total population of the overseas collectivity of France. On your trip here you can become part of tribe, an experience that will surely reconnect you to your human side: you will have to pay your respect to the chief of the clan with a symbolic present, anything to show your appreciation for your hosts.

Loyalty Islands

Staying with the locals and experiencing their way of life is an affordable yet invaluable journey that only New Caledonia is able to offer to its visitors. You will be sleeping in huts alongside the locals in the so called terre coutumière, those areas defined as tribal. They will welcome you with a triumphant outdoor feast, the famous bougna, a dish no exotic eatery in the coolest neighborhood in New York can parallel. It’s coconut leaves wrapping meat and fish, which is then slow cooked hot rocks making everything juicy and tasty. Brace for some language skills to fish out to interact with the members of tribe, maybe give your French a little revision.

Surreal paradise

Off a dream: meaning there’s something rather surreal, an untouchable extravagance made by nature only the five islands bordering the Mainland can create.

Isle of Pines

Featuring slender pine trees seen only on fairy tales illustrations or some other work of fantasy, Isle of Pines is the perfect spot to relax and take in all the natural beauties worth it the nickname ‘the closest island to paradise’. With its natural sea water swimming pool, the white sand beaches and its stunning bay, the barefoot holiday comfort is accompanied by the feel of ‘first man walking here’.


A gem, a small atoll, a Unesco world heritage site: 35 km of bliss, which is crystal clear waters and white sands interrupted by coconut palms – only at times. In some points the atoll is only 40 metres wide, but we haven’t seen that geotagged yet, luckily.

Not only seaside: The Great South

A change of scenery is guaranteed thanks to the red soil present in the area of Mont -Dore and Yate’: here is the Blue River National Park will serve you as the perfect ground for plenty of outdoors activities, all in the name of green tourism, especially if you are a hiking enthusiast.


Before you book your stay

The hot season or mid-season in New Caledonia falls approximately from October to May, but from June to September it doesn’t actually get to winter winter, but at night it can get quite nippy!