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Normal things to know about Stranger Things (season 3 trailer is out)


Stranger Things

Genre: drama, fantasy, horror

Broadcaster: Netflix

Seasons: 2, 3 coming up

Episodes: 25

Creators: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

Cast: Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder

Release date: July 2016

Rating: 8/10

Stranger Things Trailer – Season 3

Strangers Things' plot

It’s the beginning of the 80s and we are in a quiet American town where everything runs as sweet as in an scene from the Truman Show. Until a boy disappears, vanished in thin air. It will be up to his friends and his mother to find him: they will soon find out there’s something bigger than ever behind it all when a mysterious girl with psychokinetic powers appears in the town of Hawkins. She is Eleven and she will be where to start looking for Will.

The first season of Stranger Things  focuses on rescuing Will from the so called ‘Upside Down’; in season two Will’s family and his friends will  have to come to terms with a bigger threat coming from the Upside Down, one that could erase the entire world.

Why should you (or shouldn’t) watch Stranger Things

80s nostalgia: who doesn’t love a bit of that? Not any nostalgia though, it’s the 80s relieved by teenagers who did all those cool things kids used to do back then, such as watching ET, Top Gun and listening to some of the best tunes coming out of that era. This is Stranger Things USP, the one trait that allowed this Netflix Tv Series by the Duffer brothers to become reach cult like status and on top of that, an array of awards including 5 wins at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

If you are not hooked on Stranger Things from episode one, you are the strange one: even if it was just for the cast, this Netflix TV Series has in fact revived a Winona Ryder (Will’s mother) and given stardom to Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven). The two actresses have often been compared, for their similar physiognomy and abilities.

The third season of Stranger Things is coming up some time in 2019, with a new teaser and the titles of the 8 episodes having been disclosed too. Speculating at this point is one thing better to be left to the huge – and a notch geeky – fandom of the show, who rant about what they have picked up from the few seconds of this new released trailer.