Obsessed with skincare: millennials&beauty


We have been going through the things Generation Z is obsessed with and how these are changing the way we all live and see the future in previous occasions here: far from being just a matter of millennial pink and bubble tea or shopping organic food, Millennials are basically the opposite of what teenagers used to do during Beatlemania.

The only thing Millennials binge on is Netflix TV shows and according to some research maybe Xanax.

No, there’s something good, or good-ish everyone should be binging on, given they can afford it. It’s skincare.

Millennials and Skincare

Millennials skincare is all about having a healthy skin. Whether back in the 90s the trend was to self-tan until you looked like a duck a l’orange, or to apply layers and layers of foundation until you looked like Tutankhamen, the shift of attention is now on to mastering the perfect skin. From the glossy glass-like texture of Korean Skincare skin we can only bow and say: well done Millennials, beauty is about feeling good, nots just looking good.

But then it hits us. Aren’t we the Insta this- Insta that era? Aren’t we living in a society that on top of detoxing its pores from the effects of pollution is also detoxing their system from a ‘like’ addiction?

Looking good is all that matters.

The good news is that for once, the ideal we are all setting as four ‘beauty goals’ in 2018 is actually good and healthy. Taking 100 selfies a day though. Just give it a rest. And make time for each on one of the 10 steps of Korean Skincare


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Prevention is better than curing, the translation of a toothpaste ad that went around for like a decade back in the 90s. And that’s the underpinning principle of why it is that millennials are more drawn to expensive and time-consuming beauty routines than erasing the sign of time when it’s too late with ‘the little injections’.


If it’s not too late for you, check out some of the most famous and sought after skin care regimes Millennials (and not only) have gotten into.


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Korean Skincare

The aim of this skincare routine is to give you astonishingly poreless skin. It is structured over 10 daily steps and it seems to promote nourishing the skin with oily products, especially during the make up removal phase, which is step 1. This is followed by:

2. a water-based cleanser step
3. an exfoliating stage
4. a toner
5. applying an essence
6. serum
7. sheet masks
8. eye cream
9. moisturizer
10. and lastly sun protection.


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Probiotic skincare

Probiotics are something we have all once in a lifetime tried to improve the health of our gut, whether after taking antibiotics or simply to help regularity. News is, you can now treat your skin to probiotics too: the natural bacteria contained in these skincare products will reset the microbiome that resides on the superficial layer of your skin, giving you radiance and a healthy-looking complexion


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Nerd skincare

If you are looking for the ultimate cure against acne you might as well be a Millennial in full teenage ‘pore explosion’: using natural skincare products and working on the principle of helping skin doing its own job at staying healthy, without killing good and bad bacteria altogether, Nerd Skincare comes with a range of products for many different types of acne.

The Ordinary skincare

Actually, there’s not much ordinary amongst The Ordinary names of skincare products: as the brand has made it clear they want to stick to integrity, also by using the most scientific names, which reflect the agents contained in the them. From a Vitamin C suspension to Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%, you’d better check out their social media posts and understand what is the right one for you before you hit any buy button.


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