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Ocean’s 8 all-female cast: a matter of feminism or budget?


11 years after the latest Ocean’s release, an all-female cast has just premiered in what might be one of the most meaningful revivals of 2018.

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With a stellar cameo of female actresses, Ocean’s 8 went out in the US on June 8th: we are not going to dwell much into the mixed reviews it has already gathered – we are talking about Ocean’s not the Pursuit of Happiness.

The most interesting part of Ocean’s all female spin off is the following gathering of names:

Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling and Sarah Paulson.

Now, do you really want to know what the real bombshell of Ocean’s 8 spin-off is? The fact that compared to all past Ocean’s productions, this 2018 budget was the lowest one.

2001 Ocean’s Eleven $85 million

2004 Ocean’s Twelve $110 million

2007 Ocean’s Thirteen $85 million


Ocean’s 8 only had a budget of $75 million.

Now, we are far from making rushed assumptions, but it is in our nature to ask ourselves and maybe even you guys if this all female spin off was a different choice.

A choice maybe motivated by the need to spending less on the cast? Or it was actually a much cheaper production all together?

Ocean’s 8 screenwriter told IndieWire:

I love movies that treat young women and young female protagonists with respect and portray young female protagonists who have self-respect, who are self-possessed, who have ownership over their choices and have agency

We are confident her attempt was genuine and that she might have even succeeded with it. Although we can’t help but wonder if the gender pay gap is a thing of Hollywood too or not? We can all agree on the fact George Clooney surely exceeds that budget, meaning he’s cache might be one of the highest ones: we know there’s a pay difference according from actor to actor.

The question is: are female actresses paid less full stop?

To answer that question we would have to compare the highest paid actors in 2018. Oh wait, CNBC did it and we got rather shocked at what we found. Whether we kind of expected to find mainly male actors in the top 10 positions,  with Mark Wahlberg with $68 million, followed by Dwayne Johnson with $65 million, things take a different turn for the ladies.

That alone should tell you where we are going with this.

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We are going to tell you that the first woman we see in the chart is only in 15th position: Emma Stone with $26 million. Think about it 68 mil against 26. It means the most paid woman in Hollywood is only worth less than a half of the highest paid man in the same environment.

Now, doesn’t that tell you that going for an all-female cast is of course a smart choice in following that wave of feminism we have seen dominating everything from music, fashion, social media, but also a smart choice financial choice?

There aren’t enough emojis in the world to express how much this experience meant to me nor how much I love being in this cast of intelligent, fierce, FUNNY, unstoppable Queens, so I’ll keep it simple ????????
? #oceans8

Says Anne Hathaway about a snap of Sarah Paulson and Sandra Bullock on the red carpet.

And the red carpet is probably what served as tremendous source of inspo for Ocean’s 8, directed by Gary Ross. The robbers in Ocean’s 8 put together a cunning plan to hit the Met Gala in fact: from RiRi hosting MetGala 2018 to Cate Blanchette as Cannes jury president who wow the red carpet only few weeks ago, Ocean’s 8 puts these A stars on the other side.

In all senses.