Outerwear must have: sheer style with the shearling coat


It’s warm, it’s versatile and never fails to make an appearance on the catwalk: we are on women’s shearling coats, what’s new, how to style them and which ones to get. From suede finish shiny leather, from long to biker jacket cut, we have been looking at the whole lot. Check them out.

If you think that shearling coats are only something you can sport in the mid of winter in Montana, this particular shearling coat will change your mind, hitting you with sheer urban style: it’s the best interpretation of one of fashion timeless pieces, with a redefined silhouette  and all the comfort and resistance of lamb leather. A shearling long coat in black can become your best friend even on your night outs, where at the door you need something extra warm but elegant: just wear a sleek sequin dress underneath it and you will make the best entrance you can think of.

The most famous shearling outerwear version is probably the biker jacket version: shorter and full zips, it is the quintessence of casual winter outerwear. But it doesn’t all have to be big and with no edge, just look for the detail: an asymmetrical zip for example can add a touch of femininity, and some military inspired sleeves straps can work as your edgy bit. This double-breasted shearling coat is best styled with skinny jeans and a big oversize fleece jumper to mix classic with modern, a must-try styling trend of these winter months

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The beauty of women’s shearling coats is that they never fail to up the versatility game: if you opt for a leather finish instead of the classic soft suede, you can actually aim at going a little bit further in sexy territory. Match a double breasted long shearling coat with thigh high boots and a mini skirt for a date night or a night out during the festivities.

What about hoods? If this year we have seen fabulous fur hooded jackets that got us immediately into fairy tale land, this red shearling coat with hood will make all your dreams of becoming Little Red Riding Hood come true. Except, this Little Red Riding Hood is fearless and so stylish that and can afford to walk the streets of New York. It’s street fashion mixed with haute couture: how cute!

Shearling coats for women that will make people wonder whether you are famous or not are based on two very simple principles: either they are tailored to fit your figure perfectly around the waist or they go all the way down oversize street. That’s not all: if you want to look as if a stylist has been guiding you throughout your morning struggle with the wardrobe, go for leather on leather with a pair of carrot cut pants and a pair of nude sock ankle boots. People will give you the second look, for the good reasons, we guarantee.