Palms, flowers and fruit: summer through men’s printed shirts


It’s that time of the year again where men have to face the big dilemma of wearing short or long sleeves,  shorts or pants, sandals or trainers. It’s that time of the year again where men of all sizes, ages and social background get sucked in by the most absurd patterns and even manage to make some rather balanced ensembles out of them.



It’s summer: are we really not going to talk about men’s printed shirts?

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Warning: printed shirts this year are far from polite, balanced and polished. Not only that, the most extravagant prints are balanced with likewise idiosyncratic patterns and motifs: so, brace yourself for some utter print madness, cause you are going to get carried away with it, we promise.


Leopard, cheetah, pink and on the collar as well: 80s streestyle is oomphed by a modern take on printed shirts, especially cheetah print shirts, which we find matched with cheetah print pants. It’s all very funky and surprisingly balanced – this look abides by the so called ‘Chaos Theory’.

Isn’t this the best depiction of the use of a printed men’s shirt? Light-hearted. Thrown on over a t-shirt as an  accessory. A colourful piece men really would like to take for a boat ride this summer, wouldn’t they?

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Even if you are a rocknroller you can still go for happy vibes kind of menswear: Kings of Leon Caleb Followill does something else with his Hawaiian print shirt. First: that stashe! Some grit coming out of that grooming, or what? Then, look closely, doesn’t the khaki jacket worn on top make this whole look a little bit Javier Peña (Narcos)? We guess that’s a thing now.

Paisley, oh paisley! Nope, not a person, or a sunny spot in the Caribbean. Paisley print has been  championing 2018 fashion in and out of each seasons and collections. And here it is again, on summer print shirts for men. Here’s worn the Gallagher’s way (you go and find out which one of the two), never to mentioned the hairstyle, ever so recognisable.

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Oh, wait. You thought we were done with cheetah print shirts: we were far from it, as cheetah print headliner was yet to make an entrance on the show. We are talking of that man of Jamie Fox: he’s gone for a mandarin collar one oversize kind of print, then thrown on a military green bomber jacket. So that’s his ‘cool daddy’ look: yes, next to him his daughter.

Not only tropical and cheetah prints: flowers are going to be next thing amongst men’s shirt motifs. Not any  flower either, as the red hibiscus you’d see on Hawaiian print shirts, but more romantic kinds of blooms. Roses. Red roses. Think out of the box, roses aren’t for granny breezy dresses only (together with pastel lilac).

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Music once again is where we go and find some inspo on how to wear anything. Especially when it comes to  provide precious tips for our male audience, boys kissing girls or not, that is. In this case is Imagine Dragons and their way of doing print shirts: from cheetah to polka dots – we see crocodiles too – the message is clear, go and have fun with it.

From Imagine Dragons to dragons print shirts: the gist is to play with street art and pop culture and take them to the planet of Alessandro Michele, where mustard pants are the match, where a skater’s outfit is completed with brown leather loafers.

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Inspired much? Good, because there’s no limit to where a print shirt can take a man. Make sure though that if you are doing plunge neck as you might have spotted in our selection of snaps, you do it right. Sensibly is the right word for it.


Apart from that, go and get loose with those print shirts!