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Paris&Michael Jackson: Nonsense Nevertheless Neverland


Striking blue eyes, blonde (now) hair worn as accessories of a rock n roll personality, one that if we told you who it belonged to, you’d ask us to repeat twice for confirmation. Yes, she’s The King of Pop’s daughter, second sibling of three and today we’re discovering what it takes to make it in life when you go by the name Jackson.

Meet Paris Jackson

Probably one of the most iconic music personalities of all time, during his success, his ‘becoming white’ transformation, during the trials for sexual molestation, upon his death.

Everything we know about Michael Jackson is massive.

What you were probably yet to know is that despite all that, the good and the bad, you cannot bring yourself to condemn or judge him: for us Michael Jackson is an icon, a beyond human character, almost fictional, nevertheless, we are to depict him as a down to earth father.

Or at least, that’s how 19-year-old daughter Paris remembers him.


11 years is the time the two spent together, 7 of which in Neverland, where life went by as normal between home-schooling and days at the zoo with him. Only 2 years after he married nurse Deborah Rowe he was having his second child – Paris – as Prince is the two’s first. Even so, these Jacksons share very little with their father in terms of physical appearance.

Even so, Paris Jackson defines herself as black.

What are the odds of that, when your father spends a life undergoing treatments and surgery to look white.

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If you look at them here, you know who’s what. But icons are beyond skin colour. Paris knows that, in fact, that’s not even what troubles her the most in growing up as the daughter of one. She’s been cursed by the very same curse as her dad, and only recently has managed to settle into a successful modelling and acting career.


Having posed for major fashion labels, her career is in fact ready to launch on the big screen in the upcoming movie Gringo (to be released in march 2018), next to actresses of the like of Charlize Theron. Not a career in music as such, even though several of her 50 tattoos are inspired by rock, metal and all genres icons from Motley Crue to John Lennon.

From Neverland to Hollywood, the road hasn’t been paved with red carpets for Paris.


Self-destruction, self-harm, low self esteem and all the issues you’d think are just a typical of teenage years. She’s risked not making it past those years. What helped her through? From her Instagram feed we can guess the love for life, a life guarded and guided by the presence of her dad still now. A life in which she’s embracing greater values than her celebrity (billions worth) status, such as the environment and civil rights.


birthday wishes to the love of my life, the one person who showed me what passion truly was, the one that gave me solid morals to live by and how to dream. i will never feel love again the way i did with you. you are always with me and i am always with you. though i am not you, and you are not me, i know with all of my being that we are one. and our souls will never change in that way. thank you for the magic, forever and always.