Pharrell Williams – Multi-Hyphenate – Human Artist


The descriptions that follow his name are full of hyphens. He is a true “living link”, who manages to combine, always and with global success, forms of expression different from each other like, for example: contemporary art, fashion, music, design, social, digital, web, rap and Venice Biennale. His name is Pharrell Williams.

Damien Hirst displayed him in Venice, in the shape of a white marble “Egyptian pharaoh”, in his exhibition “Treasures from the wreck of the Unbelievable”; even if only a few grasped this tribute, lost in the miscellanea of “fake/not fake” objects dreamed up by the English artist. We are talking about Pharrell Williams.
One of those living human beings who can without a doubt boast the title of “V.I.P. artist of our times”.
A true crackerjack, in more than one field of action.
Musical genius. Super producer. Style icon. Fashion designer. Cult artist.
Pharrell did a bit of everything, and more.
In a liquid mercurial way, like only the great ones can do.
He starts with music, with a bang, making himself known with N.E.R.D. and their She wants to move. Following his music tracks over time we recall pieces like Get Lucky, Happy, Can I have it like that, Give it 2 me, Go Up (what a video!) and Feels.
But you can’t live only off music.
Pharrell quickly understands that current times put image on the top of the podium when ranking the importance of communication.

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In a short time, he transforms himself from intuitive creator of top ranking hits into refined style icon. Lording it over everyone thanks to his studied, fine and shocking looks.
Hence, we see music and fashion blending, to the nth degree, in one character, going on different types of important stages.
Digital-social provide a bone to sharpen their teeth on, made of “contacts” and “likes”.
When he leaves music and fashion, Mr Williams does it to enter the artistic field directly, and he does it with someone like Takashi Murakami, whose vision of art he then displays by personally curating the exhibition GIRL at the Galerie Perrotin in Paris.
Ca va sans dire.
What else can be added?
Impeccable. In his every move. Under every aspect.
Never still.
Pharrell Williams: True Contemporary Master.