Please leave us on these beaches in these outfits


The chapter of those clothes you wait to wear with much anticipation all year round is about to be opened: from maxi dresses to kaftans, denim shorts and the unmissable bikinis and one piece swimsuits, these are the real protagonists of your suitcase packing.

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Your complexion has finally assumed more human tones, as you have managed to step out of the office and off that Netflix to treat yourself with some vitamin D intake: it’s summer and we have found you by the sea, wearing nothing more than this cute beach outfit, a short dress in a delicate flower print, made even cuter by the fine embroideries. This is something you can just throw on for your daytime long coffees in between sunbed reads and afternoon naps.

It’s 7pm, belly is rumbling for a bubbly – brain has been saying that since 4pm: it’s time to slip into your seaside high heels and that dress. But where are you off to? Go no further than the best beach bar in the village and sip the icy notes of mint of that mojito whilst the sun says ‘see you tomorrow’. A backless dress is the quintessence of cocktail beach dresses.

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Kendall Jenner has been in a bikini for the last couple of months, more or less between Coachella and the Met Gala. When she wants to cover her bare shoulders, she just throws on a pin striped shirt in red, worn open. Something relaxed, breeze and comfy you can wear as your beach outfit at any time of the day.

Cropped tops: we’ve seen them worn with anything and in any occasion. From athleisure to boyfriend jeans, you can style a cropped top whatever style you are into: for a beach outfit choose a colourful cropped top, feel free to go for a cute detail as in ruffles and match it with a maxi skirt or simply denim shorts.

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But if you are Bella Hadid and lucky enough to actually barely step on the steaming hot golden sand of Monte Carlo cause you live on a huge luxury yacht for the week, then we guess you should think about beach attire differently. This short dress with balloon sleeves is ever so classic and sophisticated: must be matched with proper accessories, as in a solid handbag and latest shades (read on 2018 sunglasses trends here).

What if we found you in Ibiza, ready to shoot off to some of the best clubs in the world? Then we would see you in this fringed dress in crochet, ever so boho, yet so much one of the cutest beach dresses you can actually wear daytime as well as after on the beach or by the sea.

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Wearing shorts is mandatory for beach goers, but no one said you can only squeeze into denim shorts: Rihanna’s Fenty X Puma collection touches the sporty notes of moto cross to land on a pristine beach, where you will be wearing a pair of pastel pink cotton shorts.

Espadrilles are the trendiest beach attire shoes to focus your energy on when packing your suitcase: they are just comfortable, colourful and practical. From platforms espadrilles to lace up sandals or even sneakers, they are the most versatile way to cover your feet on the sand.

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Plus, if you really want to do beach attire make sure you put all your belongings in nothing other than a straw bag. Read the full article on straw bags here.