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Sade & Shade

18.03.2019 | By PAOLO BOCCHI

In the 80s, a goddess named Sade appeared on the stages of the world, with her innate class and her red lips, to offer “sweet sensations”. Today, with an added “H”, Shade is rapper & youtuber, the perfect singer representative for those who were born in the 80s


Queen. Divine. Diva.
With her charm and her bearing, she filled the stages of the whole world.
And with her silky voice, synonymous with extreme and rarefied elegance, she delighted an audience that had no boarders. Sensual vestal of the sacred musical fire, Sade was, in the 80s, the cornerstone of a feminine musical turning-point. No more Blondie and the American new wave of the late seventies. No more post-punk Siouxsie Sioux with her Banshees. No more androgyne poetry by Patti Smith photographed by Mapplethorpe.
Sade is something else. From another planet. Sweet. Suave. Unattainable. Of innate class.
She doesn’t scream, in front of the microphone: she whispers. And gems come out of her mouth:
Your Love is King, Smooth Operator, The Sweetest Taboo, Never as Good as the First Time, No Ordinary Love, Cheerish the Day, Is it a Crime.
Sade is synonymous with style. Always.
Even today, looking askance at some of her photos as they appear on a digital screen, her gaze penetrates, managing to transmit, at the same time, ecstasy and torment.
Helen Folasade Adu.

Un post condiviso da Shade (@vitoshade) in data:


Just add a silent “H” to the above to jump thirty years ahead and get to today, in Italy, where Shade is Vito Ventura’s a.k.a., rapper, class 1987, who turns 31 this year. Very fast, indeed, and even faster. Shade machine-guns words, corroded, rhymed, colluded, on top. His pieces are contemporary vortices, high combustion mixtures, urban rhythms that are the children of second and third generation ethnic contamination.
Shade travels, at double speed.
Because he knows what he is doing.
Winner of Tecniche Perfette. He participated in MTV Spit, winning against Nitro, in 2013.
With Warner he released Mirabilansia and Clownstrofobia.
“Irraggiungibile” is the title of one of his pieces, featuring Federica Carta.
“Bene, ma non benissimo”, is his hit that has raised the bar of his success.
“Mai una gioia” is a sort of summary in song of the “generazione disagio (troubled generation)”.
“Stronza bipolare” is a slow digital, to dance in plain solitude.
Shade, chameleonic rapper “made in Turin”: the freestyle-youtuber is in power.