Saint Lucia – a new wellness location arising

21.01.2019 | By ANNA MADSEN

Saint Lucia, the small island in the Caribbean next to Mustique, is becoming the new wellness hotspot among vegan foodies, yoga bunnies and spiritual seekers.

St Lucia is the only country in the world named after a woman and has always been known for its soulful and restorative atmosphere. In the late 1700s, King Louis XVI of France ordered the construction of hot mineral baths out of the island’s volcano Soufrière, to treat his troops to its therapeutic powers. The water in these baths was rich of sulphur from the volcano (known to heal wounds) as well as offered purifying mud to detox and treat injured skin.

Fasttrack a few hundred years, and there are three excellent hotels which still offer above treatment; luxuriously upgraded and accompanied by clean, Creole eating, state-of-the-art spas and activities to restore the body and soul from within.

Cap Maison

Named one of the best hotels in the Caribbean, Cap Maison is also one of the most famous ones. Not only have celebrities like Sasha Baron Cohen and Mick Jagger put down their sun hats here, but the hotel also featured in a few seasons of the American ‘The Bachelor’. A great place to fall in love in other words, and this is a perfect hotel for a honeymoon with a health twist. Known to be a green ‘foodie hotel’ it offers more than the average avocado toast…

What stands out: The Naked Fisherman

Who said beach restaurants just offer burgers or Caesar salads? Situated in ‘Smuggler’s Cove’ a stone’s throw from the hotel, ‘The Naked Fisherman’ headed by Head Chef Craig serves up eloquent seafood alongside local, vegan dishes. You’ll find the simple quinoa salad with sweet potato fries or yellowfin tuna poke with shaved coconut sprinkles and avocado to name two delicious dishes, which quickly go down with the locally-made Sangria.

Best feature: Spa Maison

Try the spa’s couples’ massage on Rock Maison, a shoal on the water’s edge. Reach this beautiful stage surrounded by water via a staircase leading down to the cliffs where the waves hit the shore. We recommend going barefoot along the slippery rocks to reach your destination!

The Body Holiday

Located next door to Cap Maison, you’ll find The Body Holiday. This resort is perfect if you’re looking for that next level transformation of body and soul. Less of a honeymoon hotel, The Body Holiday promises and individualistic approach; ‘Give us your body for a week, and we’ll give you back your mind’. This all-inclusive resort (one of the most recognised in the world as a health centre) offers a customised experience according to your holistic needs.

What stands out: The Ayurvedic Temple

Ayurveda is ‘the art of living wisely’ – a 500 year old Indian tradition which aims to cultivate your health. The Ayurvedic Temple and its several treatments help you unblock your Qi – the natural energy of life – by using massage techniques, martial arts and muslin bags containing carefully selected herbs. Immerse yourself in the Ayurvedic surroundings made for your wellbeing –according to many the experience is addictive.

Best feature: Swim Safari

Benefit from the sea’s healing benefits, or improve your swimming technique with The Body Holiday’s Swim Safari. Led by Olympic medalists Keri-Ann Payne and David Carry, you are invited to join a group session or private one-on-one to see more of the beautiful island from the shore. A truly magnificent experience while being in the safe hands of true masters.

Ladera Resort

Looking for a fully eco-friendly vacation? Ladera Resort, situated on the south-western part of the island, offers a fully sustainable experience. Not only are their open-plan suites made from locally sourced materials, but the furniture is handmade at the resort and offered for purchase. Designed for the true millennial in mind, the suites are created to be close to nature, while maintaining the true sense of luxury and comfort.

What stands out: The panoramic view from a swing

Soak in the scenic view from one of their Paradise Ridge suites, set on a forested ridge 1,100 feet above the sea. From the pool-side swing you’ll be able to witness fabulous sunrises, accompanied by breakfast brought to you by a private butler.

Best feature: Rainforest hike

Put on your hiking shoes and cross the Edmund Forest Reserve to discover hummingbirds, cascading waterfalls and lush vegetation. Led by a local guide, it’s an astonishing environment to explore the senses and stay grateful to Mother Earth.