Seeking fashion made in Australia? Melbourne shops have it all


We know we have mainly been focusing on the Big 4 fashion month when we have been giving out tips on how to put together the best outfit from Paris Fashion Week for example, but we know there’s a world outside these fashion capitals and it’s high time you came and discovered it with us.

Fashion down under: best shops in Melbourne

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Kinki Gerlinki

Designed and produced here, Kinki Gerlinki is the shop in Melbourne going for funky and retro, an independent style that has manifested for 15 years already with cute bags and accessories, alongside all the fashion statements you need. Located in  Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Kinki Gerlinki’s design team blends vintage and current trends.

Dejour Jeans

This is one of those hidden gems you would only be able to discover if you are a Melbourne local as from outside its high quality jeans are advertised the understated way. On Sydney Road, a busy spot for brides to be looking for their dreamy dresses, Dejour offers all the kinds of jeans ever made, made actually from wholesale denim from Bradmill (a textile mill operating in Australia since 1927).

Scanlan Theodore

In our best shops in Melbourne we really want to go for clothes made in Australia and this fashion label is exactly it. Here you will find women’s fashion going from ready-to-wear to accessories: what’s so special about this concept store in Melbourne? Its taste for modern elegance combined with an independent spirit, a simple and clean design, expressed with impeccable quality.

Vintage Garage

If you are one of us, it might be the case you have a thing for quirky and eclectic too: Vintage Garage is the spot in Melbourne where to go and spend hours browsing through vintage and collectables, edgy streetwear and even flamboyant clothes to wear at some of your favourite music festivals.  Amongst the brands you will be able to find here Ad Hoc, Grandma Funk, Dress Me Vintage, Hai Kimono and the Pin Up Room.

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Designer Kristy Barber is one that know what people like. If you click now on the Instagram link here you’ll see why: fluffy, cuddly cute and pink. All things that easily can inspire anyone to come up with utterly appealing fashion for women: not only beautiful clothes made in Melbourne where each one of them is “ meticulously designed to last, and to be cherished”, but also two welcoming and pleasant stores where you’ll gladly spend some time between fitting different outfits. In Brunswick and the Melbourne’s Cathedral Arcade, in the foot of the iconic Nicholas Building.


An Australian label founded in 2010 by Virginia Martin that embodies all the sophisticated and clean lines of perfect tailoring: relaxed silhouettes embrace created thinking of Iceland’s glacial valleys or the Sri Lankan coastline. If you want to experiment too go and feel the natural fabrics such as buttery leathers and woolen blends available in one of the best stores in Melbourne for women’s timeless clothing.

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Who Invited Her

Located in Gertrude Street Fitzroy, this Melbourne boutique has something special for you to grab: a blend of French vibe and 60s ‘sensibility’. Not only that, here there’s also European fashion interpreted according to the Australian way of seeing things, creating things and living their lives.