Shopping guide: the best fashion shops to see in Tokyo


We have written a whole ode to Japanese design mastery, whether in the form of the Kimono, a uniform and design iconic sailing through eras, or in the form of the latest looks seen on Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo.  But when it comes to supply you with the ‘local’ brands who can stand a change next to the kings of the industry, we have to open a new chapter: check out with us where you can get the ultimate shopping experience in Japan, a full immersion into the best independent shops in the coolest Tokyo districts.

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The fashion district in Tokyo. Posh, glamorous, here’s where you come with the cash to splash: but it’s not all pretentious and price tag scary, or at least, there’s a side to it which makes it more authentic as you can find artisan shops next to the highest selling fashion brands on the planet. The quintessence of Japanese modernity rooting in its tradition has its home here at Ginza.


‘Your big closet’ this is what Ragtag is prepared to launch itself as: a second-hand shop that doesn’t look like a second-hand shop at all. With 15 branches across Japan, this is where you can come and find your fancy streetwear or more classic brands such as Margiela.

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If you want to find your corner of street style shopping in Japan, Eliminator has made of the genre their shopping window giving room for futurist and visionary emerging designers: they admittedly take inspiration from the UK, and take the Brit mood is on for real.


A Japanese clothing store reflecting Japanese fashion traditions, if anything for the impossibility to replicate proportions and shapes. Here you will find the store’s own fashion labels best, such as the Kibata pants, amongst a variety of Independent brands sui generis.

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Nakameguro is one of Tokyo’s chicest districts and that’s where you can come for trying on a blend of Paris/Japan blend fashion going by the names of brands such as DIGAWEL, Maison Margiela, Scye and UNUSED.


Underneath a barber shop in Tokyo’s Harajuku and Shibuya district you can find Backdoor complying with the creative vibe of the whole area. Casual wear made laid back is what you can expect to find here, with brands ranging from Goodbank and Son of Cheese.

Have a good time

You know what it is like in Tokyo and skating, it’s a thing – you don’t see so many skating themed shops in London . Have a good time reflects this street vibe in full colours as it is the fruit of branded project between Jason Dill and his Fucking Awesome label.


Art, fashion, music and books is what you can find at Ware-mo-KU, a concept store in Shibuya founded by Taisuke Sawamura to give the clientele an alternative shopping experience. What is the concept behind it? Home import in a space deriving from the existing Garden store: Ware-mo-Ku is in fact the name of a plant and one thing reflecting what used to be here is in the seasonal revamping of the whole space.

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