Sound Drop: What happened to MØ since her Forever Neverland album?


Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen known professionally as MØ is a child of the eighties, and that’s one hell of a good point to take into account in appreciating the Danish electro-pop artist.

Who is MØ?

‘Virgin’, that’s what that M and that cute O stand for in Danish: MØ, two letters combined by her sequence of names and surnames. MØ ‘s sequence of successes started back in 2013, when she released her debut single ‘Glass’, followed by ‘Pilgrim’, which broke her into the Danish Singles Chart.

It’s been almost 7 years since her first steps into the music scene, when her aesthetic was very much influenced by her generational struggles as well as the music icons that made the 80s and the 90s some of the most significant eras of all time. Nirvana, she would listen too, but also punk-rock.


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What’s MØ’s music style?

That teenage rebellious spirit. Some of you have gone through it and just wish they could jump right back into it and fill their lives with crushes on their fav lead singers, stare at their posters on the wall and wait with much anticipation the local music shop would be delivered the new album on time – or you would lose faith in the world.

MØ has evolved from that to a music artist who has to cope with the advent of the digital era, and the spirit she puts in her latest album ‘Forever Neverland’ is the manifesto of such a gradual transformation.

Lean on, that’s one of the songs she worked on in 2015, happens to be one of the most streamed songs of all times.

That’s how to hop on the digital era train, MØ  did it with more than over 2 billion views on YouTube (until 2017), a record breaker for the site. In this collaboration with Major Lazer and DJ Snake, MØ put her effort with her writing as well as the vocals.

But the night was warm

We were bold and young

All around the wind blows

We would only hold on to let go

A new minimalistic aesthetic

How do you fit it all in your mind?

Cuz I can’t seem to

Yeah they keep dancing to it on and on

But they don’t understand the song

Under the bad bad moon tonight

From her 2018 album her are some verses of the single ‘Blur’, a collaboration with Foster the People, the sense of carefree youth conveyed by her early works.

MØ said about her new aesthetic in an interview with Nylon:

We can’t really deal with how fucked-up political things are these days. So we kind of just ignore that things are crazy, and escape into our own sort of perfect bubble, you know? Put a great filter on it, so it all looks great.”

So what has MØ been up to since the release of Forever Neverland, her ode to escape a ‘world gone mad’, where Millennials have to face political turmoils as well as the uncertainties of a limited range of possibilities in life?

If on her album she seeks escaping modern ‘traumas’, in her own life MØ is embracing in full her career and whatever that comes with in the digital era as she is now on a world tour, which will end in Russia in July.

Imaginary love and living in a bubble

That’s how MØ describes her theme for the new album. Then it hits us, isn’t that exactly what teenage drama is, in a way?

Which means, on a greater scale of interpreting the doomed society we live in, MØ is solving the biggest dilemma of the last 5 years: why are Millennials so depressed?

A throwback to when ‘we were bold and young’ and our emotions were as swift as the sky in the Midlands, and drama could turn into epic excitement if, in the end, your local shop did have the latest release and you could go back to your room and feel as one with the world.


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