Sound drops: Peggy Gou and her pretty sets


On D360 you can find anything from trap, rock, rap and synth pop and today we will be venturing into the most and exciting type of music: house and techno Djing. We will be doing it through the beats of Korean artist Peggy Gou.


The kinetic combination of her mixes has led the London, Berlin and Detroit based artist to become a sensation in the scene of electronic music. She once used to work in a record shop in Berlin – only two years ago – where after her 9 to 5 week she would make sure not to miss the weekend date with the temple of electronic sound, Berghain.

Peggy Gou - 'It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)'

From being one of their most loyal customers, Peggy Gou has then become the youngest female Korean artist to play at the most famous club in the world, thanks to top quality mixes: her sets are now sought after all over the world.

After Berghain in fact, Peggy Gou played at Coachella 2018, an experience she has described as ‘a dream come true’.


Extra! Extra! all of you footie nerds who can’t do without a day without your favourite players and invest a good amount of hours on Fifa, we are sure you might have heard of the name Peggy Gou if you already own Fifa19 game. Her track has been described as:

Probably the only thing that calms  me down after conceding another bicycle kick goal in Fifa 19

She features on Fifa19 next to Gorillaz!

Peggy Gou’s style

On top of hitting those very good beats, Peggy Gou is surely noticeable for her fashion sense. Although it has been pointed out that her looks might play a strong role in rising her status to the international scene.

And we are like, really? As if being good looking and stylish would have to be a stigma, a ‘bad note’ if a person wanted to make it in life as a DJ, or as any other jobs.

Whether Peggy Gou set’s get more air time because of her cute outfits is all to be established yet. We can’t help but falling for her beats as much as for her ridiculous amount of toy giraffes and geometric frame sunglasses.


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