Sound drops: Smoke Boys (formerly known as Section Boyz)


We have never openly spoken about the British Rap scene on D360. Today we are going to be breaking our silence and look at South Londoners Smoke Boys, formerly known as Section Boyz.

It sounds already a bit odd with the name change, but is only a recent thing (October 2018)  after a 2 year period of hiatus when Section Boyz members renamed the group Smoke Boys.

Who are Section Boyz members?

  • Littlez
  • Inchr
  • Sleeks
  • K Nine
  • Deepee
  • Swift
  • Ghost/ member + CEO of the Smoke Boyz

Section Boyz first debuted in 2015 with Don’t Panic and only a couple of months later they won the Best Newcomer at the MOBO Awards – Music of Black Origin Awards.  In 2016 at the very same Awards they managed to gain the Best Hip-Hop Act trophy.


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British Black Rap

A part from a solid British accent, if you landed on Smoke Boys Insta profile without knowing which side of the pond they are rapping from, you wouldn’t necessarily link them to Britishness.

Britishness means: Tinie Tempah as well as Dizzee Rascal are the names in the British rap scene to look out for, but probably rap isn’t actually the best place where to look for to set standards for Section Boyz.

It has finally happened, trap has been made in the UK.

Smoke Boys ft 67 - Section 6ixty [Music Video] | @smokeboys_ @official6ix7

Smoke Boys: what's their sound?

We thought the Brits’ immune system had been resilient enough to stand up to the repetitive beat and unexciting  lyrics of modern trap, but, somehow the music genre has sneaked through and some brave souls came up, after two years of hiatus, and started  producing British homemade trap.

Thank you Lord. (!)

Smoke Boys comeback is a name change and a revive of their Don’t Panic, in fact their recent release is called Don’t Panic II. But here in the UK trap has a deep link to the social plague linked with knife crime and it is in fact known as subgenre called drill: it has been defined the current soundtrack of the UK’s streets. A genre that has been popularised by 67 – along with many other artists – who features in Smoke Boys’ latest video.

Perpetuating violence is the blame drill has upon its artists, but in its defence, when has rap in general not been perpetuating crime?

Except in old school rap, those who made it out of Compton, were rapping about making out of Compton in one piece, having done something with their lives.

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