Steve Aoki, Music & Cakes

18.03.2019 | By PAOLO BOCCHI

Steve Aoki has an unforgettable face. Samurai from California, deejay and producer. During his deejay-sets the audience forgets every boundary and lets itself go: body and mind are free to fly. Until when, towards the end, like in all the proper parties, it’s time for the awaited cake!

“Cake me!” This is what’s written on the t-shirts of Aoki’s fans who climb on trusted shoulders in the first rows of his “acts”. Indeed, because Steve Aoki has this peculiars habit, much loved by his followers: at the end of his show, he grabs a nice white cake and, after aiming properly, he throws it at one of the girls in the audience; the chosen one of the night! Cake me, indeed. And if you were lucky to be in the audience and to take home the remains of Steve Aoki’s cake on your t-shirt (or elsewhere), you can easily say you are the “most envied one” of all the bystanders.
The idea of the cake is nothing but one of Steve Aoki’s good ideas to liven up and make his shows fun. His exhibitions also involve: champagne showers, dinghy tours over the heads of the audience, stage diving.
Attending Aoki’s dj-sets is fun, makes you want to dance, and musically contaminates your certainties.
Steve Hiroyuki Aoki, Japanese-Los Angeles citizen, class 1977, deejay and producer, almond-eyed and with long hair, born in Miami and raised in Newport Beach (Orange County, Los Angeles, California), is a rounded character. Son of Japanese wrestler Rocky Aoki, from whom he must have inherited the professional attitude to spectacularize his shows. From his love for blending music genres he gave birth to his musical productions, the eclecticism of his sets, his endless collaborations.

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Hardcore, Punk, Rap, Electro, House and much more. Aoki has no limits, he branches out. Like music.
Attentive, since forever, of appearances, he launched a line of clothing, Dim Mak Collection, and he collaborated with the brand WESC for the realization of the headphones Aoki.
Japanese, when it is “thinking time”.
Californian, when it is “extroversion time”.
He can look light, frivolous, superficial.
Actually, Steve Aoki seems like a sponge that absorbs every incoming sound, releasing therefore a musical fluid that is synthesis, without prejudice, of a precise and very short historic period; period that starts and ends with the piece he produced.
Steve Aoki, master of musical essences.