Stripes, millennial pink and the Noughties: 2018 men’s fashion trends


What would like to be wearing this year? Is it going to be the athleisure? Or the 70s, 80s, or 90s? Would be pink, red or yellow colouring anything you might end up owning your wardrobe? Will you be wearing berets next winter or sporting cargo pants?


Whatever fashion intentions we are going to suggest in the next lines, make sure you do your own thinking before hitting any ‘add to cart’ button or giving that final look of consent to the shopping assistant who has managed to slip into a padded shoulder blazer.

Picturing that and starting to tremble?

All the better, as that’s exactly where we wanted you if you are about to dive into the tips on how to do men’s fashion 2018 the reasonable way. If fashion and reasonable can ever be two words we can put next to each other.

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Total white

We have given you plenty of dos and dont’s on total white men’s attire and that is because we were already familiar with how big it is amongst men’s summer fashion 2018. From white denim looks or the classic white shirt and pants combo, let’s reinforce once again how important it is for you not to slip: focus on extra quality fabrics, excellent tailoring and original touches that can

elevate an all-white look from ‘ice cream man’ to sophisticated honk.

Millennial Pink

Surprisingly enough, we have also already given you plenty to think about in our ‘men’s wear pink this year’ article, where you’ll probably spotted your next fashion buys amongst pink skinny jeans or cotton jumpers. If not millennial pink, you can get yourself into even deeper tone of this men’s fashion trend and see if you can learn how to

match it with its colour blocking mates.

Comfort workwear

What we did learn back during the early months if the year on international catwalks presenting the next fall winter men’s collections and future trends is that office wear is no longer necessarily made of skinny pants and super fitted blazers: fashion is giving you room,

with looser jacket silhouettes and the more classic trouser style pants with front creases.

Then, feel free to style them with white basketballer sneakers as in this Javier Bardem shoot.

Leather pants

This is one fashion trend we know is hot inspo, but we know it will create many of you cringing at the look of your fellow fashion victims trying to pull off a black leather pants look where they matched to suede jackets.

Take it from this way of reviving this rock and roll style:

stay away from tight or that somehow resembles the idea or skin-tight.

Oversize as much as you can and your look will be a showstopper.

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You wouldn’t think fur did manage to make on men’s fall fashion shows stages, but it did and to be frank, it isn’t even such a novelty. More of a novelty act, maybe, as faux fur coats have been rappers’ and MCs’ outerwear uniforms for as long as the 50 Cent has been in the charts.

Stripes: in any directions

Vertical or horizontal, in casual wear of formal attire,

men in stripes are this year hot fashion trend.

If you are going for a minimalistic style, this pattern is the best one to match with denim jeans and a suede jacket. For more flamboyant looks wear a pinstripe suit over a turtleneck sweater and your game is on.

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How to forget tartan?

Another trend that is struggling to let go of being mentioned, worn and used in some rather alternative ways is tartan: from Burberry’s rainbow pattern to neon versions of it, one thing is sure, tartan is hard to forget whether we are on men’s casual fashion or women’s formal wear.

The Noughties

It might sound early to define as an era as influential if it only happened a decade ago, but believe it or not, fashion experts have been very eager on referring as the Noughties as exactly that. What will be revived? Apparently cargo pants, and we do beg you not to go there, not even if you are out chopping wood. Besides this fashion no-go,

total denim will be a thing again, and we are looking forward to that.

Doesn’t this Cillian Murphy’s look alike rock it?

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