Style from Japan: Clothing Brands you Need to Check out


What have Japanese clothing brands in common? From the most famous labels, including Issey Miyake and Comme de Garcons, to the emerging talents rising from Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo, we will be looking at the designs, the aesthetics and the new trends we can expect to see taking place outside of Japan, on and off the catwalk.


Designer Jun Takahashi started UNDERCOVER with a friend back in 1990. Only few years later he was already presenting his collections during Japan Fashion Week with his  ’94-’95 AW Collection. With the motto  “We make noise, not clothes”, UNDERCOVER is one of the best Japanese clothing brands, embracing a rebellious spirit to become the punkest streetwear name out there.


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Founded by Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garcons is one of the most established clothing brands in Japan; the quality hand-made garments have been exported to Europe and conquered Paris, where her irreverent avant-garde aesthetic found fertile ground. Since the debut show in 1981, the iconic black and distressed fabrics have become symbol of this luxury streetwear brands in Japan.


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United Arrows

With 256 shops in the country and counting, United Arrows is one of the fastest growing clothing brands in Japan: why has everyone fallen in love with their boutique-like shops? If you are looking to take your style to the next level, i.e. adding extra originality, in Japan, clothing styles doesn’t get more out-of-the-box than United Arrows.


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Mastermind Japan

MMJ is easily identified amongst clothing brands in Japan for the use of the colour black and the Skull & Crossbones logo.  Founded by designer Masaaki Honma in 1997, it is one streetwear Japanese clothing label to have on your wishlist.


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C.E. stands for ‘caveat emptor’, an expression from Latin that translates into ‘buyer beware’. What is there to beware of? Plenty, such as the exploration of different eras, from postmodernism in their visuals to analysing physicality.


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In the array of Japanese clothing brands tailoring the male’s market, BEAMS is the one label targeting the women’s ; along with pinching from different eras, BEAMS’ motto is The desire to uncover a rough, unpolished stone and display it before the public, and then to experience the joy of seeing this new thing accepted’.


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Takeo Kikuchi

We have given you some of the best streetwear Japanese clothing brands so far, but loose jeans and hoodies are not the only stylish things to fall for. Takeo Kikuchi is all about suits and exquisite designs, thanks also to the use of the most advanced Japanese technologies.


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Amongst the emerging talents in fashion coming out of Japan and seen in several editions of Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo, designer Takeshi Kitazawa and his brand DRESSEDUNDRESSED has received many accolades in the field.


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The Dallas

A feminine and confident woman is the one suggested by The Dallas aesthetic, a Japanese brand that stands out in womenswear for the beautiful lines and stunning craftsmanship.


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Neglect Adult Patients

The world would be a better place without adults. Which simply means, in Neglect Adult Patients, a playful way of presenting streetwear on the catwalk; no one should be taking themselves too seriously. In Japan, clothing styles that fresh and teenage oriented like the noodles-eating model on the runway of NAP are the ones to watch out for amongst young talents.


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Yohji Yamamoto

Beautiful structures and the colour black are the trademarks of Yamamoto’s designs, which often present with asymmetrical lines and immaculate draping. The master tailor is to be considered one of the pioneers of today’s fashion:

‘I think that my men’s clothes look as good on women as my women’s clothing’ is what he stated back in 1983 in an interview with the New York Times.


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Founded in 1991 in Osaka, Japan, Evisu is the brand where to find heritage denim, mostly famous for their meticulous and complicated production methods.The signature seagull logo was a wardrobe must-have in the early 2000s and today the label designs jeans that have that ‘unique piece’ type of feel.


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Amongst Japanese clothing brands, Neighborhood is the one that defined streetwear; it all unfolded back in the 90s when a collective of friends part of the Harajuku ruled the streetwear scene. Founded by Shinsuke Takizawa in 1994, Neighborhood is the quintessence of Japanese lines and streetwear playfulness.


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Issey Miyake

The very same designer known for magical pleats, the ones ‘developed from a single thread’ and for Steve Jobs black turtleneck, well a series of them. The pleat line is actually  a brand of its own and continues to express Miyake’s attention for technologies in clothing, making his one of the best Japanese brands ever existed.


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