Style Ideas to Steal From Kendall Jenner


What do you expect to find in an article about the fashion sense of the ‘breakout model of her generation’? If you don’t have clue of who we are talking about yet, here’s a hint: she has also been named the Social Media Model (Harper’s Bazar), but if we mentioned the name Kardashian, we are sure you’d picture her in jiffy. Maternal sister of Kourtney, Kim and Khloè, Kendall Jenner is the 88,2 million follower celebrity we are turning to for best street style looks.

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Athleisure and heels

How to do athleisure the glamourous way, allow us this ever so conventional way of defining a mood? In Kendal Jenner’s outfits you can see high waist sporty trousers (she’s an Adidas ambassador) matched with same pattern long sleeve top with the signature – here misplaced – strip off buttons: a black and white look topped by white stiletto sandals, rigoursly worn with black 20 den socks.

A paladin of sculpted abs

If in winter Rihanna and other music stars make us want to invest only in big, full and comfortable coats, Kendal Jenner is one star that has chosen the ‘showing off your abs’ as her winter motto: how does she achieve that without looking weather inappropriate? Simply by obsessively using cropped tops and denim jeans. But not without adding a contemporary touch, like in these boyfriend jeans stuffed inside a pair of sequins boots that are just out of this world.

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.. and statuary legs

OK. We can hear you moaning from here. Easier said than done, you say, sporting sculpted abs when you actually have some to sport. Well, you might have to surrender to Kendall Jenner’s outfits showing off a beautiful and healthy figure: a military green wrap mini skirt and the unmissable cropped white top are another of her street style looks to copy.

White as white boots

One of this year’s trends in footwear we have seen on streestyle looks during Fashion Month is white boots, pointy boots that is. Kendall Jenner outfit here shows us how to style them with something a little laid back and ‘unisex’, such as a pair of white boyfriend trousers and a simple white t-shirt tucked in. This is something we can all take and copy for this spring summer look choices too.

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Fur coats

If, like in Milan, you have been snowed under, literally, even if the calendar tells you it is almost time to go and get rid of tights and wool jumpers, this Kendall Jenner street style look makes you want to cosy up in a warm and soft shearling coat, one of the classics of 2017/18 fall/winter. Except hers is glammed up by its golden finish, a big hood and the likewise enlarged zips and wrist belts.

KJ’s oversizing

She looks ever so cute and ‘next door girl’ in this oversized denim jacket we wouldn’t even recognise her if it wasn’t for her magnetic way of looking into the camera. Kendall Jenner’s way of adding originality and always follow the season trends is to wear it over a bright yellow t-shirt.

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How to total

Not only Kendall Jenner’s style, creating tone on tone outfits has been a thing of most celebs this year, with yes, total white and total pink being some of the most spotted ones. So here it is, Kendall Jenner’s best outfit for us is her way of dressing a head-to-toe look, keeping up not with the rest of the Kardashians, but establishing a record amongst them on who can put together the best sophisticated look, even in red.