Style tips to steal from Rami Malek


If you have noticed Rami Malek only now, after his role as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, you have been missing out so much! The Egypt born actor has been already mesmerizing the public- and A-list producers – with his huge blue eyes and that ‘I’ve-just-woken-up’ tone of voice that together make him energetic and mysterious at the same time.

Rami Malek’s Instagram consists of only three posts, confirming that the 37-year-old is not one to boast about his life on social media, or better, with the media in general, to whom he hardly ever discloses personal detail on his private life.

If you can’t find Rami Malek much on gossip pages, you will definitely spot him amongst the charts of best dressed men: styled by Ilaria Urbinati, Rami Malek’s style is a blend of elegance and experimental.

We have gathered some of his best looks as well as the movies you can’t miss!

Rami Malek TV shows and movies

But first, if you did only hear of him just now, here are some of Rami Malek’s movies and TV shows you should check out – and watch.

Rami Malek’s break was definitely with the show Mr. Robot, a psychological drama that premiered in 2015: here he plays a mentally unstable hacker and cybersecurity engineer who is recruited by a group of hackers (the hactivists) who wants to destroy all debt records.

At one point, after auditioning more than 100 actors, TV writer Sam Esmail was considering rewriting the script, until Malek turned up and apparently gave him an epiphany on who the character should really be. Rami Malek achieved an array of awards for his performance in the role of Mr Robot, including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, the first non-white actor to win it since 1998.

Malek’s first film debut was though back more than a decade ago, with 2006 Night at the Museum in the role of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah – and kept the role in the following two sequels. After a break from acting when Malek stayed in Argentina following being on set for the film ‘The Pacific’, he was casted as the Egyptian ‘’’coven” vampire, Benjamin, in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in 2010.

Of course, everyone will in2018 know of Rami Malek as ‘Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody’, a performance that has been considered one the best of 2018 and will grant him many awards.

Don't miss this!

You guys! We almost missed out on this one In the States it has already premiered in August, but the UK will have to wait until december 24th to book a seat at the cinema to watch ‘Papillon’, where Rami Malek performs next to Sons of Anarchy Charlie Hunnam: they will attempt to escape Devil’s Island.

Rami Malek’s understated quirk

What Rami Malek is on the inside is impossible to grasp, his blue eyes defying all attempts of interpreting his thoughts,  and he is also very good at keeping to himself with the media; but you can find some clues on how eccentric his personality is by the quirky fashion sense. An original detail such as a colourful hem or nature inspired embroideries, vibrant prints or an oversized zip pocket. In this slider all he does is making his blue eyes pop!


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Elegance of a dandy

Malek is a modern dandy, with his coiffed hair, iconic shades and that match of collar shirt worn buttoned up underneath a round neck jumper in a similar print.


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Rami Malek’s suits

His way of creating suit outfits reflects too the modern dandy style, where tweed is matched with silky fabrics and pops of colours, stripes and geometric patterns. His skin complexion obviously allows him to wear anything from orange to purple and glow at the same time.

Rami Malek’s white tees

It’s never just a white tee, it’s the white tee and biker leather jacket or the denim jeans: these are the classics and with his astounding features he can pull a million dollar ‘essential’ look out of the bag!

Rami Malek’s denim

Tailored is his trick in putting together a sleek yet fresh denim outfit: the combo is done with a rolled up long sleeve shirt in brighter denim matched with slim dark jeans.


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You will have to wait to 2020 to see him performing on the big screen again: it will be next to Robert Downey Jr in The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle.